16 thoughts on “Jimmy Bastard and his Rasputin-like qualities

  1. kono: He may stop by and see that. I don’t know. It’s a mystery.BEE: It’s only been a few posts but his skills haven’t diminished.Daisy: Oh, I’ll pay. Come and get it. Ponita: Lots of people stop blogging but I never forgot him.Scarlet: He’s not just a charmer. That guy talked me down off a ledge when I was laid off.nurse: I noticed that. I’m a whore for comments. That guy is no frail ego, that’s for sure. Pat: Dear, I visit you all the time and remember that post, but didn’t click on the link for some strange reason. My bad!

  2. I have a feeling the no comments is due to some of the popping off that occured towards the end of his last blog, some of the ghosts from the past spouting shite…

  3. I once fought Rasputin over a lamb shank. If you’re gonnae fight dirty always remember to tuck your straggly beard into the top of your trews first!Mad? He sure was, especially when I was sat there eating the prize.As for comments, well… let’s just say that your visits over to my place are thanks enough.

  4. Map: That’s how I felt.Jimmy: Look at that. One comment and it’s a home run. I still remember you picking me up when my ass was flat on the floor from being laid off. Won’t ever forget it.FL: And I thought it was going to be just another dull Friday.

  5. you’re such a suck up. you’re jimmy’s favorite. damn it. the guy had a way of making us all feel special…i’m just glad he’s writing again… and yeah. i’m gonna collect that bet. you need to take me to a diner next time!

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