It was three years ago today…

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I am just back from Disneyworld. I enjoyed it vicariously through The Daughters, but would not choose to go there if I didn’t have kids. I *did* see a few childless adults there. To each his/her own, I suppose.

I am going to refrain from the obligatory and obvious “Americans who visit amusement parks are out of shape” post because, despite outward appearances, I am a deeply flawed and troubled individual. Judging is not my business. And besides, I saw lot of people who were jogging in the morning, as well.

I will note, just in passing, that I saw some people who were so physically broken and so obviously beyond any kind of redemption, that I wonder where they find the strength to get out of bed in the morning and face the day, much less go through the expense and hassle of getting to Disneyworld. It didn’t make me feel superior, as it might have when I was younger and less evolved. I just felt waves of sadness for them.

20 thoughts on “It was three years ago today…

  1. happy blogaversary, blog-brother! (we share a blog father).the size of our fellow countrymen makes me sad as well. after reading michael pollan’s books, and doing a cheap grocery run for my niece, i blame corn for a good bit of that obesity…

  2. Sausage: It was friggin’ hoooootttt down there. What’s it like in August!?!? I’ll take my occasional blizzards over unrelenting heat any day.daisy: We are definitely related in more ways than one! Re: our troubled countrymen. It’s the food, for sure. But people seem to have lost their will power. Can’t anybody sacrifice for their own good anymore?!

  3. I’d like you to know you’re the only one out of that list I read – if that counts for anything. I live in a suburb that has about 80 miles of paths connecting one end to the other, and populated by mostly well-educated professionals, so the obesity rate is extremely low. It is always stunning to me when I go somewhere else and see so many huge people – especially kids. I saw the biggest person I’ve ever seen in real life at Disney once, and I was amazed that she could actually walk. It’s very sad.

  4. Cat: That counts for PLENTY. You have no idea. My insatiable need for validation via my idiot blog is just a small piece of my broken personality puzzle. And, by the way, I take occasional peeks over at your place and you are looking quite svelte, if you don’t mine my saying so.

  5. Does this mean there’s a party???? I could use a good rowdy party right about now. Congrats, UB!!!I’ll be moving to a new area with tons of trails/bike paths all through the area, past ponds and such. Can’t wait! I love walking and where I live right now, it’s just through residential streets – can be very boring. Next year, the rollerblades and bike come out – can’t this year with my bum shoulder. How people let themselves get in that bad a shape, I have no idea. Apathy, I guess. Which just sucks you further down the toilet…

  6. UB – WTF hot??? I still have long sleeves on. Come on back in August then we can talk about hot. Funnily enough we made it to the beach this past weekend but none of us would dare go in the water – it was too cold….Cheers, Sausage…

  7. Ponita: Personally, I need the weather to improve. I don’t mind going for short runs, but I am too big a baby to run in the cold. And my waistline reflects it. Hope your shoulder heels toot sweet.Sav: Thanks, dear. It’s always a pleasure to see you surface in my comments section. You have an interesting life! Did you know?Sausage: Saturday just about KILLED us. I was praying for some cloud cover. Pat: Thanks for the link. Isn’t public art the best? It always works on some level. And it’s free! I’m glad the seasons are changing here because there will be a lot more of it.

  8. I don’t run anymore… bad knees… (although I just discovered a clinic that’s done a study that says most knee problems are because of weak hip muscles… will have to try their exercises) but I do walk a lot. I used to love running… *sigh*Even in the winter, I will go walking. It’s a lot easier to dress for that in the cold than running. Although there are diehards here who run and cycle year round. (No thanks!)Thanks for the thoughts on my shoulder. I see the surgeon on Monday to find out what needs to be done.

  9. Happy Blogthingy sir!Unfortunately I think a lot of people over this side think that Americans only come in two sizes, ‘Hollywood’ & ‘WTF’!The second workout wasn’t as bad as I expected, so I’m continuing, and hopefully will be able to keep my belly sucked in enough to wear my white Speedo when i go on hols in a few weeks. I will send you the pictures. :¬)

  10. Ponita: I’m no expert, but I *do* know that all the exercise in the world won’t do you a damn bit of good unless you watch what you eat. I used to be able to pound away copious amounts of food but not I have to put the breaks on.Mr. Map: Thank you for the congrats! White Speedos are very European! Yeah, I know you don’t live in Europe. Close enough. Where are you spending yor holiday?Ponita: Personally, I’ll pass on pics of Map in Speedos. No offence, sir.

  11. I myself have started back on a running program after getting sick of looking at myself in the mirror. Now that Lady Hem is pregnant, it’s another good reason to keep up the work. And it is friggin’ work too. Especially as you get older. But, take heart, apparently, Australia is the most obese nation on earth, per capita, according to the latest research. Not something I’m particularly proud of though.

  12. Google reader says you have 118 readers, okay. I’m jealous it’s more than me. But I love your blog. You know that. It’s late and I’m just back from watching India thrash Aussie ass in cricket and I still checked my feeds to check if you’re back or what. See, validation. Happy bloggy birthday, blue eyes!

  13. Hem: Hit that treadmill. Now that you have a daughter en route, you have a whole new motivation.Nimpipi: Thank you, dear. I have edited my post accordingly. I’m GLAD I don’t know how to use Google Reader to track the size of my audience. It would give me something new and horrible to obsess over.

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