Anger! Insults! Expulsion! And then…CRAPS!

Out of a sense of self-preservation and duty to family, I’ve decided to leave my current consulting gig at an unstable company who might (or might NOT) have eventually offered me a staff position for a consulting job at a healthier firm. This can’t go on forever.

Can it?

A prerequisite for the new gig was that I start on Monday. When you leave a job, it’s customary to give two weeks’ notice. If you’re a consultant, however, the rules are a little looser. If they had to terminate my contract, I wouldn’t have been given two minutes notice much less two weeks. So I was shocked (shocked!) at the anger and vitriol spewed by my boss because I was only giving them one week notice. She stood up from her chair, her eyes flaring, and told me I was the most unprofessional person she ever met. She disappeared into the department head’s office for about :45 minutes and when she came back she walked up to my desk and said that everyone (meaning, her) felt it best if I left right now. They confiscated my ID and threw me out of the building! I don’t recall anyone being that angry at me. Ever!

The headhunter who placed me at my new gig said he could rustle up a short project to finish out the week but since the next day was The Daughter’s birthday (5-years old with a vengeance), I decided to take the rest of the week off. When I related this tale of rejection to Mrs. Wife, she suggested that I take a day and blow off some steam in Atlantic City. What a wife!

* * *

Here’s an interesting photo. This is the Revel Casino which is under construction and due to open in the spring. It’s designed as an “invisible” building, i.e., its reflective surface causes the building to vanish against the sky. This photo was taken with my iPhone and is NOT retouched in any way.


See that little house in front of it? The owner has lived there for 80 years—since he was 5 years old!—and refused to sell his property, so the building is being constructed in his back yard. Personally, I think that would be wonderfully convenient. Morgan Stanley initially helped finance the project with a pre-recession cash infusion of $1.2 billion. Their investment value today is estimated at $30 million—a loss of -98%! Pretty typical return when you bring money to Atlantic City.

* * *

I had a quick cup of coffee and headed straight for the craps tables. It’s my thing! I love the game, the people, the language, the culture. Favorite bit of overheard banter:

70-ish year-old woman: “Give me the six and the nine.”

Stickman: “The six and nine! My favorite numbers!”

70-ish year-old woman: “Mine, too, when I was younger.”

Pit boss: “This is supposed to be a family destination.”

23 thoughts on “Anger! Insults! Expulsion! And then…CRAPS!

  1. WOW! i can’t even begin to write what i’m thinking about your former employer..a few choice words come to mind, but i’ll just leave it at bless her heart, i’m sure her doctor will get her meds adjusted sooner or later!i think Mrs. Wife had the right idea, sugar! ;~) the building is strange or have i been stuck in the historic district for too long? xoxoxoo

  2. both elements of this post – the workplace lunacy and the game of ‘pitch and toss’ – remind me of a poem by Kipling. “If””If you can keep your head when all about youAre losing theirs and blaming it on you”along with – “If you can make one heap of all your winningsAnd risk it all on one turn of pitch-and-toss,And lose, and start again at your beginningsAnd never breathe a word about your loss”Then:”Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,And – which is more – you’ll be a Man, my son!”

  3. OK…so others are saying you’ve had some lousy breaks, some exceptional luck, et cetera.Your best choice? You married that diamond. Here’s to you,and yours,my friend.

  4. Sounds total bananas- that woman. Glad you got the hell out of there. But great story and what a fun ending! Luck with the new gig, yo. I’m sure you’ll do nicely as the new cubicle hottie. Amen.

  5. Well done on coming to a decision – I’m sure you’ll all feel better for it.When people behave badly like your employer you just have to rise above it and be thankful you won’t have to put up with her any longer.Happy Birthday to your daughter and enjoy a brief respite.For what it’s worth I believe the ‘leave immediately’ is quite common – in case you give les autres the same idea.

  6. That made me angry. Funny how it’s always *employees* who are told the importance of leaving a good impression on those they work for and with. I think your ex-employers could do with a reminder that being polite to people you work with works both ways, and does wonders for a company’s reputuation. If they want loyalty, they should build that with a solid team of full time staff.

  7. First – the picture of the under-construction Revel Casino is really cool (I love the hold out’s house right in front of it!). Second – as someone who has been on both sides of the “notice” issue, I get how an employer’s initial reaction to what she considers bad news for her and the company would be one akin to a 7 year-old having a tantrum. That being said after that initial fit had been thrown she needed to get over herself. Kudos to you for being the adult in the room. I’m not sure I could have held my mud under the scenario you described.Good luck to you/yours as you embark on the new adventure.

  8. Sav: Working for her was NEVER any fun so perhaps I’m better off. xl: I believe her high-strung nature could be traced to the fact that the company keeps selling off its subsidiaries. It’s nerve-wracking. daisy: Thanks, tons, for the poem. I particularly enjoyed the long-form version you sent.dinah: I feel lucky that I’ve been gainfully employed all this time, albeit as a consultant. And, yes, Mrs. Wife keeps me on a lose leash.

  9. Nimpipi: Yes, I always endear myself to the populace as soon as I walk in the door. I have fairly typical talents but I talk a good game. Which IS a talent, actually. Nice avatar. Pat: I felt pretty good about it right after she started yelling at me. It was never a very comfortable place to work anyway, which factored into my decision. Onward!Jo: Yes, it’s not fair but let’s face it, they’re holding all the cards. Cat: Thanks for your good wishes and, yes, I’ve little doubt that I made the right move. This time.Adam: I wish you could see the casino in person. The “invisibility cloak” effect is much more pronounced when you’re standing in front of it. And I understand my ex-bosses anger, but she could have displayed a bit more grace under pressure.

  10. Hope the new job will work out just fine. Good thing you decided to leave the other gig after all, the boss sounds like a real piece of work.Birthdays and gambling, sounds like fun!

  11. Is Daisyfae slightly misremembering Kipling there? If she is, she’s doing it with elan!Jesus, what a unhinged boss! Amazing how personal feelings so often get expressed like that in sudden tantrums. The typcial office is a lunatic place indeed.Great Wife, keep that one! And best of luck, although I dare say your future prospects have less to do with luck, but more with hard work and hustling.

  12. what the WHAT?! I think pitching a tantrum automatically disqualifies you from labeling anyone else “unprofessional”. obviously you hit a nerve. good thing you’re out of there. onward and upward. good luck at your new gig on Monday.

  13. looby: Actually, my now ex-boss and I had no chemistry whatsoever from day one. I suppose this shouldn’t have come as such a surprise. Just glad I had options for once.Leah: Yeah, but it might have lead to a hire with real, live benefits. I’ll always wonder what might have been. I’m very good at that. mcz: I saw her pitch the same kind of fit at other people in the marketing department. I suppose it would have been only a matter of time until I got my turn. Onward, indeed!

  14. As I say … My day will depend on the mood of the management. Tough circumstances to work under. Sounds like you made the right decision. One door closes and another opens. The new company is lucky to have your charm & talent. Glad you married also-love her to pieces!Thinking even more of coming your way this year now if I could just find a bank roll to allow it all would be good. Looking forward to August-you did tell them you had plans for vacation?MT

  15. It’s really embarrassing when grown adults can’t handle rejection. Anger masks disappointment. What a lame display! The invisible building is pretty, and Craps games remind me of Deadwood (TV show.) Best wishes for the new job.

  16. it was meant to be, for your sake. maybe now you can get to the point of not dreading work. and fuck the boss’ anger. you’re out. don’t look back.really love the house picture. i’m with the 80 year old.

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