Dog v. Porcupine

I stumbled across this post from back in 2008 when I first opened this space and since most everyone reading today wasn’t around back then (and since I have NOTHING to write about right now), I thought I’d rerun it. I’d forgotten all about it and it gave me a chuckle.

* * *

This is C.’s dog, Buddy. Buddy isn’t all that bright and C. is the first person who’ll point that out. You see, Buddy likes to chase porcupines. They’re slow and easy to catch! This is the sixth time that Buddy has had a quill facial. You would think that he’d learn after the fourth or fifth time that porcupines = excruciating pain, but not our Buddy.

You can’t see it in the photo, but he had quills running all down his chest and legs and some in his back, as well. He had to be anesthetized in order to have them removed and is sleeping it off behind the sofa. C.’s bank account is $400 lighter for the trouble (x 6 = $2,400). Oh, Buddy. Stop chasing porcupines. They’ll always come out on top.

17 thoughts on “Dog v. Porcupine

  1. one of the reasons i love dogs. mine never seems to hold it against me that i go to work every day without taking him along on the adventure…poor Buddy. although he seems to be smiling through it…

  2. Jo: Just one of those quills would set me to screaming like a little girl.daisy: Perhaps his face is pinned back in a smile by the quills.SF: I’ll bet he has shagging on his mind but can’t get close enough to close the deal.AK: After six times I’m going to assume Buddy lacks the learning gene and is still chasing ’em.

  3. Oh, good god! I wasn’t reading your blog in 2008 but I had a dalmatian years ago who did the same thing. At least she only did it once. She jumped on the porcupine, as well as biting it, which meant she had quills in her paws, not just the mouth! We had to carry the stupid dog home, screaming the whole way. I think she learned what porcupines really mean to dogs, so I guess she wasn’t so stupid after all! Same big vet bill, though…

  4. Stupid mutt, but I do feel sorry for him.I hope Buddy was neutered? That’s a dumb gene that should go no further!(Probably better than my friend’s dog who cornered a skunk. Eewwww….)

  5. looby: Yes. The very definition of what it means to be a man.dinah: I always thought of dogs as being kind of stupidly loyal slaves. I prefer he aloof cynicism of cats.mitzi: He looks like that guy Pinhead from the Hellraiser horror movies.

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