Random NYC Photos: Dark Shadows

We went to Costco today, which is always a horrific experience for me. I think we needed some soap but ended up spending $171.83 on impulse purchases mostly instigated by ME. Did I really need that big plastic jug of chocolate covered almonds? It seemed pretty important at the time. I walk up and down the aisles like a goddamn zombie.

I am easily distracted. If I spot a shiny object out of the corner of my eye, I’ll wander off to examine it, leaving dear family behind. Sometimes, I’ll be sampling some Italian sausage or mac and cheese, look up and discover that I’m all alone. I had to phone Mrs. Wife TWICE to locate them. It’s a big, scary, crowded place!

After locating everyone the second time, 9-Year Old Daughter handed me this note as a reminder to pay attention to my surroundings.


19 thoughts on “Random NYC Photos: Dark Shadows

  1. love the shadow shots – like human sundials!and your daughter needs to put you on a ‘toddler leash’. my kid threatened that once in a mega-hardware store, when i kept running off looking at “oooh, that’s cool!” and “hey, we could use this!”…

  2. i hope you save that note, sugar! πŸ˜‰ by the by, the coconut krewe STILL talk about the BIG GIANT JAR OF MUSTARD (that’s how they say it, too) the MITM bought that never seemed to be empty! it was legend even with their college pals! xoxoxox

  3. Daisy: Your ‘human sundial’ analogy is excellent. Well done. And I’m already on a leash. Sav: You know, it never dawned on me to save it. I hope it’s still in my coat pocket because that would be kind of a cool thing to have.

  4. Pat: Make a list?! Whoever heard of such a thing? And sunrise (prior to yesterday’s time shift) was about 7:20 so it’s not TERRIBLY early. Early enough.FL: She’s getting old enough to put me in my place when I need to be. Should be fun.

  5. ooh, love the photos. it’s like a giant, urban-y, concrete stone henge… also love your Costco issues – Jon has the very same ones. you two need help. LOVE the reminder note. what would you do without those women? this might be one of my fave posts. and, that is all. πŸ™‚

  6. mcz: A compliment on a photo from you is like Christmas morning. Are you going to resurrect secondWide? Re: Costco. We’re just guys. That’s all we’ve ever been, all we’ll ever be. We can’t help it.NC: So nice to hear from you! My first commentor! Hope Switzerland is being good to you.

  7. LOVE. L.O.V.E. the pics. You should start your own SecondWide! πŸ˜‰ ACTUALLY…you should do a TUB supplement on Instagram!!! And, yes, as a late response to your query, M__ has put all her efforts into Instagram posts (which get duplicated on her FB page) You’ve got an iPhone! download the app and search for “steweger”. 650+ images and counting!(I’m there as well as “3floatingorbs…OOO”)

  8. Awesome photos. Love them. The thing that I’m most curious about at Costco is the folks who are assigned as the demonstration/sample folks for the detergents. I sort of get the ones who are there at the food displays as someone has to hand you your petite piece of knish or some such thing. Their role at the detergent display is less clear to me.

  9. JZ: Thanks for the tips. If you need me, I’ll be over at Instagram. I may be there for a while. 650+ is a lot of images to sift through.AK: Interesting question. I wonder if there’s a pecking order? The “better” employees get the higher-profile food demo assignments? And is there a hierarchy within THAT world? Are sausages better than hummus? I’d better go lay down and think about it.

  10. nurse: She’s just now getting old enough to nudge me in the right direction when needed. Do I need that?looby: Yes, I’m at my desk just after sunrise. But prior to the clocks changing to daylight savings time this past weekend, it wasn’t that early. I think these pics were taken around 7:40.

  11. You’re at work at 7.40? No wonder you wander!The photographs are marvellous, make me long for the city, and the note is priceless. Put it away somewhere, I guarantee that if you stumble upon it in ten/twenty/howevermany years it will bring you untold joy.

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