Which is funnier?

Which is funnier? A man walking out of Port Authority onto 8th Avenue with a long pennant of toilet paper attached to his heel?

pa Or a grown man walking through a New Jersey mall parking lot who should ask his mommy for help picking out clothes to wear? Ouch! My eyes! Or is this some daring, new fashion statement I’m unaware of? Am I the clueless one? It wouldn’t be the first time.

mall*     *     *

I took the do-dads I purchased from the Art-O-Mat and hung them on my desk wall and because I have absolutely NOTHING new to say, I thought I’d post that. I have a flock of paper cranes, the do-dads, an angry bird next to a marble Buddha (a statement on my constant inner conflict) and a backstage pass from a Springsteen concert. Without the splashes of color, it’s just federal penitentiary tan.

desk *     *     *

I know! How about the current atrium exhibit at MoMA? This fun Ellsworth Kelly sculpture is called Sculpture for a Large Wall. Ooohh…that’s clever. I like Ellsworth Kelly about 75% of the time. That’s a pretty good hit ratio. It’s a big-ass piece (65 feet long!) that Kelly did in 1957 for the lobby of an office building in Philly.

kelly1 It’s made of colored, angled, aluminum panels and rods. If you stand on the other side of the atrium and look at it in its totality, it’s pretty good stuff.

You can walk around Manhattan and see a lot of office lobby artwork done by some pretty big guns. Roy Liechtenstein. Frank Stella. Jasper Johns. Guys looking to buy a summer home.

20 thoughts on “Which is funnier?

  1. i’ve got to go with the man who can’t see different variations of plaid. that was on purpose. the toilet paper just happened to the guy at port authority…the cranes rock. they are made of post-it notes, yes?

  2. well done, sugar. no comment on the guys, but your wall is fantastic!! i need to visit the telfair museum soon. *sigh* xoxoxox (i need to get out of dodge.)

  3. daisy: that’s true! The guy in Port Authority had no idea he had a tail. The guy in the mall HAD to know what he was wearing!Pat: I never said that! Would never.Sav: I’ll bet there’s tons of really great art a lot closer than you think.

  4. apologies, dear sir… i am mildly obsessed with post-it notes, and thought perhaps this would be another way to put them to good use. your close up shows that your cranes are FAR more beautiful than anything that could be crafted with office supplies. they really are delightful!

  5. TSB: If I had thought about it I would have Photoshopped some argyle socks on his feet. It would have been funnier.daisy: I swear this is true: I had a dream once that I was in an office conference room naked. The only thing in there was a big box of Post-It Notes. In order to leave, I covered myself with Post-Its. And I didn’t just make Post-It shorts. I was neck to ankle in Post-Its.

  6. LOL you’re right, sugar! i’m making poor mouth cos i need a vacation! savannah may be all that the tourist mags say, but hell, i live here and i NEED, i WANT a break and soon! xoxoxox

  7. Federal penitentiary tan? Never in a million years.That’s a shade of grey shurely?That’s ‘shurley as spoken by Shir Shean Connery.

  8. sav: You deserve a break today. Do you remember where that’s from?Pat: It’s not grey. It’s TAN. I didn’t know you could type an accent! That’s fantastic. My morning laugh.YAH: We’re always open. I’ll leave the light on.

  9. I don’t mind mixed patterns, but not those mixed patterns. They’re too close, like two violin strings only slightly, and excruciatingly, out of tune. Of all the senses vision is the most tolerant of discordance, but that get-up pushes the envelope. That would be an interesting fashion trend – outfits that actually force people to look away…Is it the Citicorp building that has a big Stella in the lobby? I think I saw a Diebenkorn in a lobby once when I lived in NY, a large Ocean Park, and was awestruck. You never see that. I wish we had Art-O-Mats here!

  10. Hello, Jeaux! You are absolutely 100% correct that it’s the Citicorp center that has the big-assed Stella piece. I admire a man who knows his lobby art. Where is “here?” Check the Art-O-Mat site for a list of machines. Brilliant stuff.

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