10 thoughts on “I’ll take 20th century European artists for $300

  1. TSB: Are you just saying that to make me feel less retarded? How thoughtful of you.HIF: Here’s another one: I said “giacometti” and someone replied, “gesundheit!” I’m here all week. Tip your waitress.daisy: Your comments are just as valid as anyone else’s. Even those dolts at Art News. looby: But it would increase in value, one would presume.

  2. no…i dont confuse them. G. was a pretty dominant part of my art education…where it feels like M. was just skimmed over. Both are lovely however…both influenced by the infusion of non-western anthropological artifacts flooding Europe at the time. (of course, this was due to the rampant colonialism and the ransacking of “primitive” cultures in African and Asia, but…I digress)Picasso’s “The Ladies of Avingon” is a great transitional piece since some of the women’s bodies are still rendered in classical Western manners while faces of others almost look like African masks….

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