A Hard Rain is Gonna Fall

We’re going to get a little rain.

RED DOT = your intrepid correspondent

mapThere have been fights. People were cutting in line for gasoline. A woman shot past a queue in her white Lexus SUV and pulled up to a pump. It almost caused a riot. The local hardware store only had four generators in stock for about 200 customers who had been waiting for them to open since it was dark outside. You can imagine how that went over.

As hurricane Sandy approaches off the Atlantic from the east, it will collide with a severe winter storm that’s moving across the country from the west. The local media have christened it “Frankenstorm,” which I love. New York will shut down the entire transit system at 7:00 p.m., so you’d better be where you want to be for the next three or so days.

I have a ticket tomorrow night to see The Daily Show correspondent Assif Mandvi in a well-received off-Broadway drama. Not many people are aware of it, but he’s a hell of an actor. The entire run is sold out so even though I’ll be refunded, I’ll not get to see his performance. What rotten luck!

21 thoughts on “A Hard Rain is Gonna Fall

  1. i keep wondering if this is being blown out of proportion, but the more i read, the more i think that you are, indeed, going to get some rain. hunker in the bunker, make sure you’ve got a full deck of cards, and pack in beer…

  2. Like Scarlet, my thoughts are with my ‘merican friends. Also with my more local friends, battling horrendous fires.Don’t you just hate it when rain stops [a] play!Stay safe,UB.

  3. Daisy: I’m still hoping it’s a lot of blather and media hype. But it’s kind of hard to think along those lines when looking at the satellite image. Scarlet: Thank you, dear. Lots of power outages, they say. No Internet?!?! How will I go on?

  4. Be sure and keep your head down for a wee while while the rain is on. It might be a good time and excuse for cracking open something gold while you peep through the cracks at Mother Nature.

  5. Oh dear… that does appear to be in something of the direct line of fire. Will be thinking of you and yours UB and I trust you’ll post when you can to let us know how you’re getting on. All the best!

  6. GB: The satellite images are impressive but being beneath the pretty swirly clouds is no picnic. Chef: Mother nature is being an angry parent right about now. Can you hear the howling through the internet connection?Pat: I’m online now but I hear it’ll be impossible later in the day!

  7. looby: Thanks for the good wishes. It’s an inconvenience to me but the girlies are pretty scared.nutty: Thanks for checking in. It’s always a treat to hear from you.Sausage: Could you have sent it over the prairie instead of up here? I’m holding you personally responsible.

  8. thinking of all y’all up there, sugar! when the news spoke about atlantic city the images that came to mind were of the photos you’ve shared. xoxoxo for you, Mrs Wife and The Daughters!

  9. Thinking of you all! Living in a country without major weather problems (but plenty of others!)I am sure I would be petrified!!!Take care – hunker down.Val from Cape Town

  10. Furtheron: My daughter is in a bit of a panic. Too much news coverage! All it is is worst-case scenario stuff. We turned it off.Sav: Thanks for you email. You’re beautiful. Those small gestures reaffirm my faith in humanity. Val: Thanks, tons. This sort of thing happens very rarely. Still…it’s no fun when it does!

  11. By now, your power’s probably non-existant (unless Daisyfae’s lad got to you!) but, just to keep spirits where they should be…yeah, your priorities are right.WifeKidsTheatreDog

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