Dreaming is free

Here’s another one I found in my recently excavated journals. There was no date on it but I estimate it to be around 1991.

*     *     *

lotto dreams

The New York Lottery was $33 million dollars.
The night shift word processors all chipped in
we hate our lives.

I volunteered to call for the winning numbers
to confirm for all
what we already knew in our hearts:
The continuation of our sorrow.

Prior to dialing
I clandestinely copied the numbers
off of Nancy’s ticket.

After hanging up, I misrepresented to all
the numbers I copied down
as the winning numbers.

Nancy’s face was crimson with joy.
It looked as though she might hemorrhage
so I stopped the masquerade
and revealed
my deception.

Everyone was quite cross with me.
But later that night
Nancy came up and thanked me.
As she explained:
“Now I know how it feels to win millions of dollars.”

*     *     *

Here’s the current installation in the atrium of the Museum of Modern Art.

photo 3moma(1)

Some artists work in oils. Some in clay. Some prefer gouache. There’s a multitude of mediums to choose from. Can you guess what Wolfgang Laib uses?

photodream 2

This is Pollen from Hazelnut, a site-specific work that’s constructed from pollen Laib collected near his home in Germany. It’s sifted onto a slab into a fuzzy cube. Mrs. Wife asked how anyone with severe allergies can step into the building without being overwhelmed and I didn’t have an answer for her. All I can say is that pollen does not permeate the air.

photo 1(moma1)

I love this big, open space. There aren’t many like it in Manhattan. I always look forward to seeing what an artist will do when handed the keys to the car, but I was underwhelmed by this. If meh wasn’t such a tired, worn out cliché I’d use that, but since I’m above clichés, I won’t. It’s best to view this from up on high. I had to tamp down an urge to walk through it and leave footprints. Kick up a big yellow cloud. Turn it into a participatory installation.

26 thoughts on “Dreaming is free

  1. I don’t remember that pollen exhibit, but then again, I’ve never been a regular MOMA visitor. I too would have had an urge to walk through it. And if I were Nancy, I’d have had an urge to kick the shit out of you, much like Daisyfae and Gorilla B. But hey, we all do stupid things when we’re younger, I’m sure I did some pretty stupid things 22 years ago as well.

    • I’m lucky in that I work right across the street from MoMA and get in free with my work ID. I go over on my lunch hour on a fairly regular basis. And there’s no WAY you did anything stupid when you were 22. Right? Otherwise you’d do a post about it. Right?

    • The thing is, the stupid things I did when I was 22 weren’t even remotely entertaining or blog-worthy. They were just dumb. If I had known back then that I’d be blogging 22 years later, I’d have aimed for better material.

  2. I rarely do the Lotto, but when I do, as I did today, I really believe it’s gonna be my time. It never is. But I’m never disappointed.As for the Art………. :¬)

  3. I’ll double your “meh” on that art piece and add a “Meeheheh” (which sounds something like a granny goat saying meh).We take our meh-ing seriously in this house

  4. The yellow? Looks like a colour swatch from the paint centre.”The everythingness of everything else…” comes to mind.As for playing such a mean trick with lotto results. You must have been an ass cos that’s not the man I know!

  5. I think you should take the little one to see it and cut her loose I bet it will turn out much more beautiful than what I am getting out of it….just a thought.MT

  6. There are many things labelled as art that I don’t get.Once spent 10 minutes admiring a ladder and tarp at MOMA before I saw the “we’re working here” sign.Still not sure it wasn’t an installation…

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