19 thoughts on “Money and I: A Twisted Affair

  1. Read it and returned here, where I feel more at home. Cornelia Africana had a good line for a rich woman who was showing off her jewels. You have the good fortune to be able to use it yourself.

  2. Big 0 birthdays always do that, my 30th was one of the worst days of my life, I felt utterly done in, by my 50th I was much cheerier. There are zillions of people who didn’t begin their rise to greatness until well into their 60s and 70s, you’ve got a few more years yet.

      • I miss lots of things about being young, especially that all the time in the world feeling, and being able to wear short skirts, and heels. Heels kill me these days, I used to be able to run in them. Until not that long ago if I saw a photo of a beautiful floor, or couch or whatever, I used to say ‘one day’, now I know that day has passed. Unless I win the lottery, which I keep meaning to do.

  3. Funny, there’s bit in the next post on the Lounge about the wealthy… saw the post at the other joint, i was quite amused by some of those comments (especially from the wealthy types) Happy U.S. Grant my friend…

  4. i’m doing well, and can take those exotic vacations. i give a lot of cash, and even more time, to support things other than my holidays. i still feel guilty about it, though. i got lucky. sure, some early life sacrifices, hard work and all that, but it gets down to luck in many instances.

    the true gift? i never worry about money. i will have enough. some of that is because i buy used cars, don’t need the latest gadgets and phones, and am just as comfortable staying in a Motel 6 as i am in a 4 star resort (5 stars makes me uncomfortable). My children are grown, out of my house and my wallet, so that takes away a lot of the worry…

    you probably can’t shake it, but it’s good that you think about it and continue to try…

    • I live comfortably, which isn’t how I grew up. I keep thinking that my kids have no idea what it’s like to live in a house that had money problems. It permeates the air. It’s affects everything. If I keep a low profile and live below my means, they’ll never have to suffer those overheard panic discussions.

      My Bride told me (through facebook) that Blogfather’s cats are relocating from London to Barcelona. Those felines are having a better time than I am!

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