Dumping the cutlery drawer onto the kitchen floor

I really have nothing to say. What the hell is going on? What am I doing here?

Nature’s Way: Part 1

bird1 bird2bird3bird4bird5

Here’s how a typical New Jersey douchebag parks:


The problem isn’t with him. It’s me. This makes me far, far angrier than it should. Why do I care? Why am I in his world? He didn’t put me out. I got a parking spot. But I’m so involved that I stopped to take a photo. And posted it, no less! Thinking you’d all share in the outrage. That you all suffer the same illness that I do. I need H-E-L-P.

 Nature’s Way: Part 2

My in-laws place has a backyard that abuts the woods. A deer walked out of the woods alone and stood near the pool. It stood there for a long while. Longer than a deer usually stays in one spot. And they’re usually not alone. Then, bombs away! It gave birth! It was like dinner and a show. I’ve experienced two births up close and didn’t really feel the need to see another.

My father-in-law said that earlier in the week, another deer gave birth on the curb near the street. We have so decimated their natural habitat that they have taken to giving birth in backyards and streets. People curse them as a nuisance.


Art is Money: Supplemental

I promised Gibber I’d follow-up the previous art auction post with a couple by Picasso that didn’t make the final edit. He’s her “undying favourite,” proving, by that peculiar spelling tic, that you are not from these here parts.

Les Femmens d’Alger was painted in homage to his pal and competitor Matisse not long after Henri died. It’s considered one of the most important Picasso masterpieces still held in private hands. This version, Version O, is part of a 15-piece series and is considered to be the best of the bunch. It sold for a preposterous amount of money. It was bought anonymously and the art world has made great sport out of trying to figure out who owns it. It ain’t me, I can tell you that much. Or Gibber. Presumably.

Pablo Picasso
Les Femmens d’Alger (Version ‘O’)
Estimate on Request
Sold for $179,365,000


Picasso left his girlfriend for several weeks while she was pregnant. Boy, was she angry! He returned with an “I’m sorry” gift; an embroidered red peasant jacket, which she loved so much that he included it in this portrait of her. What?! You can’t see it! It’s right there in front of your face!

Pablo Picasso
Femme au Chignon Dans un Fauteuil
Estimate: $12,000,000-18,000,000
Sold for 29,930,000


Does anyone remember when Kobe Bryant got caught cheating on his wife? HER appeasement gift was a gigantic, 8-carat purple diamond ring worth $4,000,000. Some women sure know how to parlay their rage into a payoff. I like both paintings, by the way.

Hey, shitheel terrorists. Remember that big hole in the ground from 9/11? Look what we built in its place. It’s magnificent! And really tall. And you can’t get NEAR the memorial or observation deck without a reservation. It’s constantly packed. So much for people being too afraid.


111 thoughts on “Dumping the cutlery drawer onto the kitchen floor

  1. Know the feeling. Haven’t been here or there for flipping ages. That’s a nice shade of French grey on the wood.
    That kind of parking would piss me off. It’s annoying because its both STUPID and inconsiderate. They should be given notability scooters for a month as punishment. Muppet.
    Also like both paintings.
    Nice new shiny building there. Reminds me a bit of the Shard, ‘cept that’s not as tall( a mere 308m) cos we can’t see that far up.

  2. I like this kitchen sink approach! What, you witnessed a deer giving birth right on the lawn?! That’s amazing. It’s all our fault they have to resort to such things. And those Picassos. I can see why someone might want to keep that a secret. Someone could steal it! Have you seen the new memorial? That building looks pretty spectacular even in a photo.

    • I had all these bits and pieces lying around and they didn’t make a proper post. So this.

      Yes, apparently, the fawns are falling like raindrops all over the place. We wrecked their homes. Don’t get me started on the American Indian.

      I can’t get near that building. I want to visit the memorial but you have to buy tickets a few days out. It’s supposed to be very moving and beautifully designed.

  3. I grumble when the deer eat our flowers and then I feel bad for doing so. After all, it was my town that encroached on their habitat, not the other way around. And I can’t help but stop and watch them when they jump the fence and roam around my backyard (and I live IN town). But I’ve never seen one give birth. Now there’s a sight, I imagine.

    Love the image of the Freedom Tower.

    • They’re not calling it Freedom Tower anymore. They’re calling it One World Trade Center, which I’m very happy about. Freedom tower is too jingoistic.

      It’s like wild kingdom out here! I expect Marlon Perkins to walk out of the woods any minute. The only wildlife I dealt with prior to moving to NJ was cockroaches.

  4. Love the photos in this one. Except the douche bag park job. I won’t even drive in merge lanes I know will end, so find this type of person fascinating, if fleetingly and from a safe distance. But the baby birds and deer stole the show, thankfully.

    • So I’m not that crazy, is that what you’re saying? Because that’s what I’m looking for. I think that’s subconsciously why I did that. Maybe not so subconscious.

      There’s no doubt about it: baby animals are always a hit. Thanks for the visit!

  5. Fun post Mark. I enjoy the diverse topics. Those baby chicks are absolutely adorable – I was going “what the heck is Mark seeing in his sunroom? Then I realized you were following the peeping when I saw the last picture through the floorboards/ Fun! My understanding of deer is that they only give birth where they feel safe. So it is a testament to the house owners’ kindness and caring when deer give birth in their yard. In fact when I ran Newfoundland, during hunting season the moose used to be on the road all the time. It is illegal to hunt from the road so they were safe there – in a way it was funny because I would pass truckloads of hunters entering the woods at sun-up and then a mile down the road all the moose would be standing on the shoulder or crossing the road. Ha! Too funny.

    Your new tower in NYC is gorgeous – love the architecture. Very nice and a great “up yours” to the terrorists. Awesome.

    I have never gotten Picasso. It doesn’t do anything for me. i do enjoy surrealism, but not Picasso. (i don’t know much about art but to me the twisted portraiture is interesting but not picasso, not sure why) Anyway, it blew my mind that one painting sold for over $179 million – that’s a significant portion of a billion dollars – POOF (mind just blew 😀 )

    • Sometimes I have nothing to talk about so I just start babbling. Enough babbling = a post. I’ll never be Fresh Pressed unless I get some focus around here!

      Those are actually robins. They litter the deck with those pretty blue eggshells. They build a nest under that deck every year. They don’t seem to freaked out about the foot traffic and we try to be respectful. Not my sun room, btw. In-laws.

      Is that true about deer?! That’s amazing. There are a lot of them roaming around so they must either feel comfortable or simply have no place else to go. Probably the latter. I’m going to hope that the moose knew about the hunting law and stood there for safety’s sake. It can’t possibly be true but I choose to embrace it.

      The design of One World Trade is a winner. People were worried sick but it all worked out. It took longer than it should but there was a lot of politics and hurt feelings and such.

      My brother explained Picasso to me a while back. It helped. I wouldn’t know JACK-ALL about art if it weren’t for some friends who took me by the hand and explained it all for me.

      As always, an entertaining, thoughtful comment. How do you do it!?

      • Ha! Of course the moose knew the laws, they get copies of the updated hunting manuals every year. Pfft. Ha! Actually I suspect there are a couple of factors at work there. One is that the hunters make noise and disturb other wildlife which will cause the moose to move. If the disturbance is away from the road then the moose move towards the road. The second factor is natural selection. Moose that stay close to the road are more likely to have a higher survival rate. Behavior is passed from generation to generation by observation with a lower incidence of mortality near the road. Hence every year more moose would be found near the road. Also, what many do not know is that during the winter (and it is a long winter in Newfoundland – I’ve seen it snow in June and snow tires best be on by September). the moose (and deer in other areas – there are none in Newfoundland because the winter snow is too deep and they cannot survive) come out to the road to lick the road salt because they have no other salt supply in winter. This already gives them the tendency to associate the road with positive survival behaviour. And then, of course they always get copies of the hunting manual. Bwahahaha! 😀

        Hey, thanks for the compliment Mark – I find your posts very interesting. When you write you give honest opinions that makes it feel as if I am looking at the subject matter through your eyes – much more interesting and “Human” than trying to be objective. Keep up the good work!

      • So you really think it can be a survival skill that’s a learned behavior? That’s possible? Why not. We don’t give animals enough credit for how smart they are. We think we’re so superior. Although, you wouldn’t catch me licking the pavement hoping for a salt high. That’s not smart.

      • They are pretty big, sometimes over 1,500 pounds and cars will avoid them. Every year some drivers are killed in collisions with moose in Nfld. My point being that they are so big that it is not really dangerous for them on the road – certainly not a dangerous as it is for you or I..

  6. Love the birds in the sunroom! The deer less so — there are no predators around and zillions of deer including the one who, between dogs, came up on my deck to poop.

    And I’m with you on parking — except at a lot near my house where the spaces don’t line up with the ones on the other side of the same row. I avoid that place because it always looks like I’m drunk driving (and I rarely am!)

    • The deer are a destructive force, but they were here first. They grow ’em pretty big out here. They can demolish a car if it doesn’t look both ways.

      People lose their civility in the parking lot. Park on the far side if you’re going to do that! Stupid.

      • I absolutely agree about the name change — now if they would only change the name of the Department of Homeland Security. It sounds way too much like Fatherland for my taste …

      • “Freedom Tower” sounds like something Fox News cooked up. One World Trade is much more dignified. My favorite is the “Patriot Act.” Because if you’re not for it, you’re not a patriot. You don’t like America. It’s all about branding. Don’t get me started. Oh…wait…you did. I did. Someone did.

  7. I was having a boring day until I read this post. Those baby birds perked me right up. Wasn’t expecting that one! Then the douchebag made me angry. And the deer giving birth? Whoa. This post had it all. Loved all the photos. (Thank you for not posting one of the birth up close as it would have made me stop eating this entire bag of Doritos. Maybe. Probably not, but …)

    • Oh, holy mother of god you’re funny! I picture you living in the rustic Maine wilderness where wild animal births are commonplace. Didn’t one communicate with you telepathically? I would NOT post pics of deer lady parts out of sheer respect for the gender. How rude. Glad I could cheer you up. I’m your bloggy pharmacist dispensing happy pills about every 10 days or so.

  8. This is the way to go, Mark. I like diversity and reading your posts always make my day. You are sarcastic and funny however, I don’t think that is your intent at all. It’s an innate thing with you. Kind if disgruntled and this the place t

    • Thank you for saying that! It’s the same reason why I like short story collections and one act plays. If you don’t like what’s on, just hang in there for a few minutes and something entirely new will start. Not interested in the art? Great! There’s some other stuff in here you might like.

  9. That car isn’t parked, it’s just blocking the road. What it needs is a pack of baboons to shit all over it. I really didn’t know that a new skyscraper had replaced the WTC towers. I would describe it as appropriately virile. Was Picasso a boob man?

    • I would never have vandalized his car with a key or anything like that, but watching baboons shit on it would have been highly satisfying. That made me laugh.

      Virile and circumcised. Or is it circumscribed?

      Clearly, Picasso was a face man. Can’t you tell?

  10. This is the way to go, Mark. I like diversity and reading your posts always make my day. You are sarcastic and funny, however I don’t think that is your intent at all. It’s an innate thing with you. Kind of disgruntled and this is the place to let loose your inner child. 🙂 Or maybe not.

    The sun porch with the robins looks like heaven to me. That’s my idea of a lovely home that over looks a backyard where the deer and antelopes play and give birth. That’s a stretch with the antelopes but it looked good in the sentence.

    Straddling two parking spots is rude and crude but, folks like that are all over the place. Actually, that does not bother me as much as the asses that don’t use turn signals and those that cut in front of me with no warning.

    • It’s a VERY nice home and a peaceful porch and backyard, but it’s not mine. I’m fortunate that I travel in that orbit but I did nothing more than marry someone to deserve it.

      Straddling a parking space is a major annoyance. Changing lanes without signaling can get you killed. I’ll take the former, every time.

  11. It wouldn’t be Marlon Perkins walking out of the woods, Mark, it would be that sidekick guy named Jim. As I remember “Wild Kingdom,” it was always “I’ll stay here in the jeep while Jim goes out to see if we can locate any wild tigers.”

    In any case, thanks for the shot of One World Trade Center. Hooray us. Screw them.

    And yes, that parking job would set me off, too. Privilege does not get you two spots. Sorry.

    • Hi, Mark, my Polish bro. I do remember poor Jim getting his ass kicked on a regular basis. He’d wind up with a snake wrapped around his throat while Marlon would be filing his nails. Reminds me of this beauty from Lyle Lovett:

      The mystery masked man was smart
      He got himself a Tonto
      ‘Cause Tonto did the dirty work for free
      But Tonto he was smarter
      And one day said kemo sabe
      Kiss my ass I bought a boat
      I’m going out to sea

      • And that, my Polish bro, reminds me of a tale I heard about Tolstoy, supposedly blurted to a close friend after publication of “War and Peace.” Leo said with great disappointment after his pal told him how much he loved the epic, “Yes, but I forgot the boat race.”

  12. In my apartment, there’s a nest of some birds (starlings or grackles) right in the tube that connects the dryer to the outside. So until the birds are gone, we’re drying clothes on chairs and doors, like nature intended.

    • You, sir, are a gentleman and a friend to the wild. Just make sure you clean that tube out thoroughly before you use it again.

      It’s the season for baby things. Another fawn was spotted early in the week. They’re worried about overpopulation. The deer are worried that WE’VE overpopulated.

      • I think the deer are right!
        Where I lived when I was a kid (a pretty wild area) there were wild horses which quite often tangled with traffic.One corner became known as Dead Horse Bend.
        For the record, I like Picasso.But you know that!

      • Wild horses is pretty good. Nobody is going to top that. I think you get the gold. I wasn’t sure if there was a competition but that certainly merits a medal.

        Yes, but, do you like Picasso for hundreds of millions of dollars? That doesn’t seem to have roots in reality.

  13. There’s a UK website I saw recently for naming and shaming inconsiderate parkers! http://www.inconsiderateparkers.co.uk/ – an outlet for people who feel angry about such things.

    Deers in the backyard sounds pretty amazing to me! We get the occasional fox or hedgehog in ours, but that’s about it.

    Some friends of mine are in NYC at the moment for a few days, actually flying back today I think, anyway they’ve shared lots of photos on facebook and one thing they said was “Opinions on the Ground Zero Memorial were mixed in our group” so I’m not sure if they were referring specifically to the tower or what. Has it generally been well received by the city?

    • Thank you for the link. I feel less freaky. I wonder if they accept submissions from the U.S.?

      I think a fox sounds amazing! What beautiful animals. Hurts to think they’re hunted.

      I haven’t been to the ground zero Memorial yet so I can’t render an opinion. Overall, people seem to like it. I can tell you one thing is for certain: it’s enormously popular. It’s become one of the top tourist attractions in the city. That in and of itself is a success. I do need to get down there.

    • What a superb site, thank you Vanessa-Jane. It irks me a lot. I live in a Georgian-cum-Victorian city in Lancashire with narrow streets and drivers almost universally see the pavement as a free car park. I can see some submissions to that page coming on. This was what it was like for years when we had the children in the pram — they used to park so close to the front door we always had to take them round the cars and walk in the middle of the road.

      • And I thought that automobile parking rudeness was a quinticentially American contrivance. These two links have given me a whole new outlook on the world. Thank you, both.

      • Glad you liked the link! I live in a small village, and we have parking issues too with people either parking high on the pavement so like you say, prams and suchlike can’t get past, or they’re parked in such a way that buses struggle to get through. I think it’s universal isn’t it!

  14. Love the parking job picture. I’m with you – stuff like that just pisses me off. I arrived at work this morning to find a gargantuan F350 with golf carts stowed in the bed parked in my spot. There are three signs above my slot proclaiming “staff parking.” When I starting writing down the lisence plate number, the driver came running over, claiming that he hadn’t seen the signs. Sure! As you have probably figured out, your photo touched a nerve. 😤

    I like the Picassos, too. Good post. 🙂

    • I am astonished that the driver came running over and admitted being at fault. The photo you see above was taken in my gym parking lot. That place is packed with muscle heads on steroids. Had I said anything to the owner, I might have risked grievous bodily harm. Better to just blog about it.

  15. I’ve seen cars parked like this, and a couple of times I just parked my heap-of-shite-means-of-transport right next the asshole’s driver-side door. I mean right next to it so they had to get in the passenger side. I’m that sort of a cunt.

    It’s almost the weekend and my bride is home, happy days to all. 🙂

    • Bully for you! I’d do the same.Mind you, my car is not a complete heap o’ shite.I’ve had several trips to panel beaters for parking damage that bad parkers caused.

      • Oh, bloody hell, why didn’t I think of that? I drive a crappy 10-year old Subaru. It would have been worth any damage he could have inflicted on it just to see the look on his face. I wish I had your brain. And talent, as long as I’m dreaming.

        Very, very happy to hear about the Missus. All good wishes to her.

  16. Okay I had many comments planned here and then Picasso!!! I wish I had that piece!
    Brain work for me now because Picasso
    Love deer and what and awesome Picasso..I mean thing to be able to watch a birth.

    The baby Picasso..birds are so cute!
    I saw Picasso..I mean toes in one pic.

    Your Picasso…um photography is awesome!

    • Picasso has that effect on you? Your brain shuts down? Please tell me…are you the one who bought Les Femmens d’Alger (Version ‘O’)? The art world is dying to know but I won’t say anything to anyone. And very few folks read this stupid blog, anyway. Your secret is safe here. Can I come over and look at it?

  17. these are the best posts, sugar! as if we’re all just sitting on the porch having coffee and chatting! nice set up for the baby birds, you! well done! deer are all around us here on the plantation, so i am not surprised by the birthing session you witnessed. it really is true about the learned behavior someone mentioned earlier. the MITM and the krewe see it all the time when they’re out hunting (which is why it’s called hunting and not shopping). but i digress, like you, i’m glad we’re calling it One World Trade Center, the name has such a more encompassing sound. (yes, i’m humming one love, one heart… and thinking of bob marley) and then there was picasso…

    i just realized that was almost just one long run on sentence, but you aren’t surprised, i know. i think i really am supposed to be down here in the south because my mind just seems to work like that. but, again, you probably noticed that a while back. xoxoxo

    p.s. i forgot to tell you, our son & his wife, (The Doc and The Dancing Lady) are in NYC for the weekend! he flew there directly from deepestdarkestafrica to meet her. she’s been at a conference that ends today, so they decided to have a few days there before going back to lalaland together.

    p.p.s. did you see the MITM’s post at my place?

    • I have a friend whose father hunts deer. He’s told this story for years but I don’t believe a word of it. He claims his father was hunting in the winter and saw deer purposefully step in hoof prints that had been made in the snow to disguise their numbers. This can’t POSSIBLY be true, right? It sound idiotic. And yet…

      While reading your comment, the TV was playing a story about the newly-opened observation deck at One World Trade. Again, I was happy for the name change. I’m sure it sounded like a good idea at the time but how silly would it look now, so many years later. Freedom Tower Observation Deck just doesn’t work.

      You sun will have some spectacular weather today and part of tomorrow but then I think some rain moves in. No matter. Plenty to do indoors.

      MITM did a post? No, ma’am I did not see it! On your place? Not his own blog? Curiouser and curiouser.

    • how could i forget PARKING! one of the local tv stations INVITES people to send in pictures of bad parking! too funny! they’ve posted pics (on that other social media site) of offenders, with the plates obscured, of course, in a sort of shame game. one pic was tagged with we know who y’all are! 😉

  18. The story about Picasso’s painted apology reminds me of a time when Banksy was in the back of a taxi in London somewhere. He got on quite well with the driver and they were chatting away. When he got out Banksy gave him the fare, a tip, and a little drawing of a shark on the back of a napkin. The taxi driver sold it for several thousand pounds!

    • I can see Banksy doing it more so than Hirst. Banksy is more egalitarian. One afternoon, Banksy sold original works on canvas from a table outside Central Park for $60 each. In eight hours he sold two pieces. Wish I’d know he was there. I’d have bought the whole damn lot.

  19. I lasered in on the parking douche-bag to the exclusion of all the other fine words and pictures in your post. I’m getting mad in sympathy, and I wasn’t within 1000 miles of that parking lot. Why, o why, does that sort of crap bother us so much? Time to convene a 12-step program.

    OK, I lied. I also saw the pictures – was that nest really under your deck? BTW it looks really clean and fresh. I’d like to come over and share a bottle of wine on that porch.

    • Hmmmm…accentuated the negative. That’s what I do! We should form a support group.

      This is the second year in a row a nest was built under the floorboards. I have a pic from last year of the pre-hatched eggs. They’re a beautiful shade of blue. Nature is lovely but I still prefer the city. Lots of damaged, lost souls there. My people!

  20. That’s some interesting cutlery you have there, Mark! You are most certainly the master at eclectic posts, aren’t you?! I think the section on spontaneous deer birth in suburbia deserves a post all on its own… Love the photo of whatever that building is called – can’t remember, and too tired to scroll up there. I hope you’ve been watching the Cavs, you naysayer, you – keep the faith! I guess we’ll see what happens – hope you have a great weekend 🙂

    • Lucky for you guys I have a short attention span or I’d prattle on for 1,000 words about one subject, beating it into a pulpy mess. Glad you liked it. It was fun to write!

      You are right to call me out on the Cavs. I wasn’t a believer but I am now. Shame on me! But I am a victim of history. Do you know how many times I’ve he my heart broken? Yes, I’ll bet you do.

      • I will be writing a post titled The Clevelander which will address all of this, the Browns, the Cavs, the Tribe and the endless hours of i’ve spent fretting and the insane reasons that every damn season i still believe, it is in itself a odd form of mental illness and yet…

      • I have actively discouraged my daughters from following any Cleveland teams. I am trying to save them from the world of heartache that I’ve had to deal with over the years. Believe me, if could have avoided it, I would have. But I was genetically predisposed to suffer in that special way.

  21. Took me ages to work out why I was staring at the wooden floor.
    The deer story made me gasp out loud.
    Do you have to be a swine to be a genius? I read a book ages ago written by Picasso’s mistress and during her pregnancy he was a prize pig.

    • This is my back-to-nature post. It’s as close as I’ll ever get to camping.

      I don’t recall anyone writing anything very flattering about Picasso, but they seam to really, really like his paintings.

  22. God-dammit!!!! there was a huge shit storm where i live about what to do about the fucking deer, hundreds would show up at every council meeting and scream and cry and gnash their teeth that we can’t hurt the fucking deer, well fuck the deer, shoot Bambi right in the face and get her to the butcher’s so we can feed all the hungry people, now you might be thinking what an asshole and you’d be right but let’s face it humanity is fucking up everything anyway and since we have eliminated the deer’s natural predators the only one left is us, therefore to get the population under control let it be open season, if Joe Taxpayer wants to see how much it costs to catch and sterilize them they’ll suddenly be driving the local authorities to the nearest Wal-Mart super store to buy butt-loads of ammo, the damn deer near my place (and i’ve walked out my back door and stumbled into a 6-8 at times) are so comfortable with us bi-peds that i could probably walk up to them and club them with a baseball bat, whew, okay i’m done… now to get started on the asshole who parks like an asshole…

    • The problem is that deer have an excellent PR rep: Walt Disney. It’s lucky for them they’re so cute and pretty to look at. Otherwise, all people would notice are deer tics and then we’d rain hellfire down on the deer population. Aren’t they delicious like cows? Shouldn’t that count for something? Last weekend a NJ State Trooper died because he hit a deer. I’m not kidding.

      • That right there is one of the things the FD,PD and some saner people were arguing for the cull, the first time emergency services is delayed getting somewhere because they hit a deer and are in an accident we’ll see if people change their tune, in 06 they did a flyover and recorded about 90 some deer in this area, roughly 6-8 miles from dahntahn Pittsburgh, they did it again in 2012 and there were nearly 370… and the deer tick warnings go out all the time, you’d think these numbnuts would put 2 and 2 together… just don’t tell Morrissey about my stance on this…

  23. Maybe one day I’ll go back again to NYC and visit the memorial. I was able to go back a few times after 9/11 – once with my family which was the best tribute I could pay to that city to just spend time there with the ones I love. And to eat a terrific steak in Smith and Wollensky’s!

    The care parking… now I have to say it winds me up too – just since it is lazy, uncaring and arrogant. You might like this twitter feed which I’ve been known to contribute to… https://twitter.com/yplac

    • I need to get down there and pay my respects. It was such a big part of my life it seems insulting to ignore it. Plus, I hear it’s beautiful from an architectural standpoint. I’ll probably get a good blog post out of it, too!

      Thanks for the link. You sit around thinking you suffer alone and it turns out the whole world is suffering with you. It makes me all goopy inside.

  24. I love when you post! It is amazing what we are doing to nature isn’t it? Yet she finds a way, it is a shame about the deer, and very cool for the bird nest! It gives your kids an up close view that they otherwise might only see on TV or a computer or (heavens!) a book.

    As for the park job, I seem to remember being able to buy a book of fake parking tickets. “Thanks for parking like an ***, thanks to you I had to park 3 blocks away! I hope you don’t mind, I decided to feed the pigeons off your hood. Have a good day”

    Nice new building. Interesting how we really are nature. I see the parallel between the thoughts. Was that intentional and it just hit me now? Or am I unusually slow today?

    • Oh yeah! I just met a group from Jersey. (I was told there is no “new” in New Jersey, it’s just Jersey” in response to my instruction that there’s ‘no noise in Illinois”) They were visiting my local Moose lodge. Funny how different things are, when I guess I assume everything is like it is here.

      • Meeting a group from New Jersey sounds like something you might want to avoid. And who knew there were still moose lodges around!? Does it have wood paneled walls and stuffed wild game heads? I hope so.

      • I am not sure about the wood paneling, but we so do have a stuffed moose head, Herbie. You don’t know about them because they are so very well hidden! Then you need to know the secret handshake to get in… I could take you, if you ever find yourself in the Chicago area…..

    • Golly. I’ll bet you say that to all the bloggers. Thanks.

      If I had stayed in the city, the girls would’ve gottena wildlife eduction in roaches and other urban vermin. It’s part of the circle of life in Manhattan.

      I can assure you the tie-in was not planned at all. I WISH I was that well thought out.

  25. Those birds creeped me out… the parking job made me angry… but the new tower – that’s a wow. My parents just sailed through NYC. Know how many pics they sent? Zero. Last time I was there? Almost a year ago. It’s too long.

    On the nature front… as a staunch environmentalist myself, it’s the creeping sickness that we’re introducing into the world that really bothers me. The obvious degradation of environment and landscape is very stark and a terrible concern, but it’s the invisible stuff that has me most worried. Of course, I’m also scared of sharks popping up in the swimming pool, so it could be that I’m a wee bit neurotic. I’d like to stick a shark in the trunk of that bad parking guy… chomp. Sharks gotta eat, you know.

    • The birds look like space aliens. They’re not cute yet.

      Your fears regarding what we’ve done to the environment and the long-term effects are totally rational. What has it come to when deer have to walk into someone’s backyard to give birth? And don’t get me started on what we did to Native Americans.

  26. I live outside London and I wish I saw some deer. The only thing we get are foxes, which are cute for a while, until they’re not.

    As for the parking, that’s some absolute bullshit. Why would anyone do that?

    • Hi. Nice to see you here. Stay outside London. The hell with the deer. If you lived in a place where you got to see a lot of deer you’d be bored out of your skull. Spotting deer would be the most thrilling part of your day.

      The guy who owns that badly-parked car is probably in in office. He’s probably a local councilman who thinks he’s special.

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