Blog Post Tapas

I did a post like this not long ago. I’ve got a bunch of interesting bits and pieces floating around that, hopefully, make for a worthwhile post.

A Lot of Plot for One Statue

This is the Hindu goddess Durga. I met her at The Rubin Museum of Art last week. Here, she defeats the wicked demigod Mahisah. Nepal. 13th Century.


Durga decapitates a buffalo and pulls Mahisah out by his hair (ouch). Before he can draw his sword, she stabs him in the chest with her varja (OUCH).


The Goddess’s 18 arms fan out showing her arsenal of weapons. All this violence is balanced by her calm expression. She’s pretty bad-ass.


This antagonized my feelings towards religion. Catholicism places women on a pedestal and then imprisons them a gilded cage. Their virginity is obsessed over. They’re not fit for the priesthood and are only offered servitude roles. Don’t get me started on how Muslims treat women.

Hindus make their women into WARRIOR GODDESSES who can kick a man’s ass when he’s being a wicked demigod.

Blue Sky + Gray Hair > Gray Sky + Blue Hair


I was lying in my hammock daydreaming about The Partridge Family. I remembered that in the Mad Magazine parody, Danny stole Laurie’s training bra, cut eye holes in it and used it as a bandit mask. I recalled the illustration of Danny wearing the bra on his head while Laurie complained to mom. I had a good retro laugh.

Earlier that morning, I was picking up a prescription for my daughter and when the pharmacist asked what her date of birth is, my mind went white.

C’mon, get happy.

With Apologies to Bob Dylan

Dear younger self:

The lyric in the second verse of the Top 40 chestnut Go All the Way by Cleveland pop sensation The Raspberries is not

Oh, I love her
screwing me

as you and your young school chums once believed. Rather, it’s

Before her love
I was cruel and mean

Glad I finally got that sorted out. Took long enough.

A recent post by Samara about Lay, Lady, Lay reminded me that, for many years, I thought Bob Dylan’s most romantic ballad was actually written and performed by 70’s Lite FM staple Mac Davis, he of Baby, Don’t Get Hooked on Me fame. That means I thought the lyrics

Whatever colors you have
in your mind
I’ll show them to you and you’ll
see them shine


Girl, you’re a hot-blooded woman-child
And it’s warm where you’re touchin’ me


The Sound of One Hand Clapping

“Imagine you are alone in a room. The lights are down low, you’ve got some scented candles going. Soothing New Age tunes, nothing too druid-chanty, seep out of the hi-fi to gently massage your cerebral cortex. Feel good? Are you the best, most special person in the room right now? Yes. That’s the gift of being alone.”

Colson Whitehead
The Noble Hustle: Poker, Beef Jerky, and Death

Graphique Fantastique

Look at these two magnificent posters for Broadway productions. Graphic design is a pretty great art form, even if it is primarily a vehicle for commerce.

This first one is by Paul Jeffery. It’s for the new David Mamet play starring Al Pacino. It reminds me of those cool travel posters from the 1950’s. Nice, dignified color palate. It says noting whatsoever about the play itself, but it conveys all the information needed to make you want to buy a ticket, namely,




ChinaDollIt worked on me. I got a ticket. But those two old rattlesnakes, Mamet and Pacino, aren’t the sure bet they once were. They’re not exactly at the top of their game anymore. The evening can go either way.

This one is for a musical you can’t get a ticket to unless you’re extraordinarily wealthy. I don’t know who did the poster but the logo is genius. It has movement and beautiful stark contrasts. The top point of the star is implied. His buttons are a nice, subtle accent.



One rose for each year. A happy anniversary to my Bride. 16 years this past 9/11. Thanks, terrorists, for fucking up my anniversary. AND my town.


We didn’t celebrate for a few years after the attack. It didn’t feel right. But we decided to reclaim the day. We mean no disrespect to people who lost someone but it’s ours and we choose to celebrate it. 16 years now. 18, unofficially. The score is:

Annus Mirabilis: 18
Annus Horribilis: 0

76 thoughts on “Blog Post Tapas

  1. Cool post Mark – Love the comment about Hindus making their women into Gods. And I’m glad that you and your bride have reclaimed your day.

  2. Kudos to you and Mrs.Exile for claiming your date.
    Mis-heard lyrics? Oh, the world is full of them!
    The world is also full of crappy advertising art so your poster choices are glowing like gems.If you Google 1930 linocut posters there’s some very nice eye candy.

  3. I’m glad you and your wife reclaimed your day. Those years are impressive and should be celebrated, even if in a low-key way like my husband and I do. Just be sure to treat her right. Otherwise she might go all Durga on you. 😉

  4. Eighteen years and counting. Lots more to go. Hang tight and you’ll be just fine along with your mop of nicely grayed hair. Pray that your hair hangs tight to your head as well. I’ve always wanted a hammock and no I do not call wanting something a “bucket list” because I am not ready to check out. I like the your posts with lots of variety. 🙂

    • I shouldn’t complain about my (premature) gray hair. At least it’s all still there. Truthfully, I don’t care if it turns purple. As long as it stays rooted.

      Get yourself a hammock. It’ll make your life just a little bit better.

      If I write a post with lots of stuff, SOMETHING is bound to please.

  5. Graphics! I love graphics!
    Look for Martin Short talking about meeting Pacino, I think on Jimmy Fallon.
    It took me a long time to realize that Blood on the Tracks had nothing to do with trains.

  6. Happy anniversary. I’m sorry to hear that your special day has been tainted by horrible history, but I’m glad that you and your wife reclaimed it. It’s a tough date.

    I love the poster for Hamilton, too. Have you seen it yet?

    • It’s a tough date but it’s not as tough as it used to be. That’s not disrespectful. That’s the way it should be.

      I have NOT seen Hamilton. Who can afford it?! And by next summer it’ll be stale. Tonight: Hamlet in Bed. Could go either way.

      • There are other option, too. You can queue-up for cancellations an hour or two before curtain. I think we’re going to try for that next Tuesday. It’s a face-value ticket, which I guess I could spring for, but I certainly can’t pay scalper prices or premium seating, which is all that’s out there right now.

        And ‘Ugly Lies the Bone’ on Friday. Two this week.

      • I didn’t realize that you responded. I need to upgrade my phone something fierce, but that’s not going to happen for a little while longer. As you know, I have other priorities right now. Milton emailed me the other night that we’re on board to see “China Doll” with his best guy friend and his gf. It’s not clear to me when we’re going but I said, “Okay.” We want to see “Hamilton” again, but we’re thinking 2016. I’m hoping May or June, before the Tony awards. Earlier this week, we dropped a king’s ransom on “Shuffle Along” tickets for next June. We’re both bat-shit crazy over Audra McDonald.

      • I missed McDonald’s turn as Lady Day and it made me very sad because I love Billie Holiday. No discounts were to be had anywhere. I saw the original production with Lonette McKee on theater row back in the day but would’ve liked to see this. David Sedaris is supposed to do a killer Holiday immitation.

  7. Now then, having 18 arms is a pretty cool thing to have. Except when painting your nails.

    Wow – that makes being alone sound blissful! I must try that technique.

    The posters have a retro feel about them. I like the bold simplicity.

    The best way to honour and rise above is to keep living a beautiful life. Keep your day.

    • 18 arms = bad for painting nails but good for table tennis.

      I miss having alone sometimes. Believe it or not, I’m pretty good company.

      They had a smaller than usual turnout at the 9/11 rememberance ceremony this year. I think they said only about 100 people were there. People move on. You have to.

  8. Twirling the prism works for me, really like it. Is that a archery target in your back yard or are you just (not) glad to see me? Our 8-year-old wants one. Seems a bad idea, for an 8-year-old who sometimes throws things at her older, more compliant sister. But we could likely find one here no problem in Germany, with sharp tips, and feathered hats to go with it. Happy anniversary; it’s yours and no one else’s.

    • Yes, indeed! That is an archery target. It belongs to my 13-year old but I mess around with it a bit, too. It’s fun. The arrows have blunt tips but they can still do some damage if you’re not careful. She loves it. I don’t know that I’d recommend it for an 8-year old, though. That seems kind of young for not-pretend weaponry. But who know? It might build character.

  9. Congratulations on your anniversary! I’ve got you beat by two years! My elusive husband travels extensively with work – it sucks, but maybe that’s why we’ve been married so long! You seem to have everything here but a photo of actual tapas – where’s the food?! Did you read the book you mentioned by Colson Whitehead? Just curious, because I prefer non-fiction. And go Browns! I hope they keep Manziel as the starting QB!

    • Lots to cover here. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, there’s no doubt about it. I have a special and wonderful bond with my family. I wonder if that would be the case if I lived in Cleveland? Speaking of Cleveland…GO BROWNS, indeed. One of the many upset games yesterday. They were supposed to lose that one! Yes, I read the Whitehead book and loved it x1,000. However, it’s about gambling and Las Vegas and I have a proclivity to like that stuff. I’m not sure it’s for everyone but I had a pretty good time.

  10. So much to comment on here ..

    First of all, I didn’t realize that Alexander Hamilton was the dancer who invented the bus stop — but based on that image, it is soooooo obvious!

    Congratulation on reclaiming your anniversary. It really sucks when events screw with a wonderful memory. I can recall a little girl (9 years old on THE 9/11) who was a friend of my son’s. It was her birthday and nobody cared.)

    As for anniversaries, well, as of yesterday, which was my 29th wedding anniversary, I have officially been married longer than I wasn’t. It is really quite odd.

    • Well, according to that show, Hamilton was also a hell of a rapper, too. Don’t know how they manage to pull it off but, apparently, it works. I’ll probably never know. $$$$.

      It was our third anniversary and it’s probably the strangest one we’ll ever spend. We were living on the Lower East about a mile and a half away. Strange doings, to put it mildly. I’ll bet that little girl reclaimed her birthday just the way we reclaimed our anniversary. You have to!

      29 years?! Does that include dating?! Is that all-in? Criminy, how’d you do it? Congratulations. Many more.

  11. Celebrate it. Otherwise they’ve won.

    Talking of misheard lyrics, my youngest realised the other day that she has been mishearing the lines “Maybe you’re just like my mother / She’s never satisfied” from When Doves Cry, “Maybe you’re just like my mother / She never sits inside.”

    Youngest said “I’m glad I found that out. I cound’t work out why he never let his mum in.”

    • In a way, they did win. I hate to admit it but things are so different now. The West was knocked flat on our asses and I don’t think we ever recovered. Sure…in small ways. I took my anniversary back. But our governments are such a mess. And I think a lot of it is because of how we reacted to 9/11.

      I actually think someone published a book of misheard lyrics. That’s my own personal one.

  12. I like these tapas post. They’re fun. That’s funny you thought the lyrics were something else. I probably have lots of songs like that and I don’t even though they’re wrong! Congrats on your Anniversary! Yes, you should take the day back. Most definitely. Your hammock picture is cool. Really like that one. I think it’s better than those posters but those are pretty good, too. There’s my tapas reply, but look I’m all out of order.

  13. your tapas posts always remind me of that line from “oh brother, where art thou” A third of a gopher would only arouse my appetite without beddin’ ‘er back down. 🙂 i’m glad you keep writing, sweetpea! xoxoxox

    (march 8, 1969…you do the math)

    (i know, i do this every year.)

    (laughing but, i HOPE you are, too)

  14. Congrats on the anniversary and the roses… you old romantic… I bought roses (pink ones) for our 30th this year and managed to hide that purchase from my wife so their arrival was a surprise… so much so she’d just stepped out the shower! Hahaha!

      • … especially with my wife! She hates secrets and is like a kid around birthday/Christmas etc. she’ll search in all my hiding places and check receipts etc. Like a 10 year old frankly

  15. Congratulations on your anniversary as well as reclaiming it. You did right.

    We women have always been able to slay men with our vargas.

    I do like the play posters – the top one looks like an old ocean liner ad from the 30s.. Hamilton IS the fifth point of the star, at least the way it looks to me.

    • Aren’t you nice?! Thanks for your anniversary good wishes.

      I’m on my bus commits right now. You’re varga line made me bark a laugh. Everybody looked up at me. I woke one guy up. Lord, where do you get them from? Got any more?

      He is the point! Wish I could see it but forget it. I’m not coughing up that kind of coin for a stupid musical.

  16. I like the…hmmm what’s the word…eclectic nature of this post. I’ve actually done some like this, not intentionally, but because I was discussing some travel photos from different places on one theme. Very nicely done.

  17. When I saw that Hindu goddess I went straight to perv. Congrats on the anniversary. Also to everyone else here with big numbers. My time line is: single 21 yrs, married 2 yrs, single 20 yrs, married 22 yrs.
    Why are these colonial themed plays such a big hit, Hamilton, 1776, John Adams and Shenandoah? The subject matter appears unexciting or dull. Modern culture looks down on that period of time.
    We had a army surplus hammock. I spent too much time in it when I should of been doing my chores. I like those simple design posters, they are timeless.

    • There are a few statues of the gods with their concubines that are even less of s leap to perv. They ARE perv! But in an artistic way, of course.

      Interesting mateimonial timeline. So, you’re tried once, it didn’t work out, but the next time it stuck? Well done and congrats.

      My hammock was stowed away
      This weekend. Fall is here. So sad.

  18. You are right to reclaim your day, just as you were to take a few years to mourn separately and collectively. You and your bride were there first, lost with all of us on different levels, and mended somewhat and somehow. Happy 16 plus two, my friend.

    Hey, when I worked for the big daily, Mac Davis was in Syracuse playing Will Rogers in that one-man show. My connections earned me a golf morning and a lunch with Mac, who proved to be an interesting talk once he started complaining about how Glen Campbell double-crossed him and stole his wife in the 1970s. Huh. How I wish I could have earned an audience such as that with Bob Dylan.

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