45 thoughts on “No words

      • Well, yes I understand the need for recognition but I see that you could also post your pics on your blog as well. You are the third person who I am following that are putting most of their info and pics on Instagram. Cheesuus- I suppose I will have to break down and then need to keep up with yet another password!

  1. I use Instagram mostly to record photos and moments for myself. I don’t care about followers or becoming instafamous. Facebook is inane but I can’t kick it; I have too many old friends on there. Twitter is the devil.

    • I’m glad I never started Facebook. I find this blog and, now, Instagram, enough of a time suck. I’m sure Facebook will twist me and all sorts of different contortions.For the record, I would like lots of followers. Because I look for validation from the worst sources.

  2. Selfishly, I would rather see your images here (like Linda, the comment above this), but it’s your choice.
    Whatever you choose, I wish you good things in this bright, shiny new year.Doubtless, it will have a few scuff marks and paint scrapes by December 31, but, hey! we’re still hurtling through the cybersphere.
    Happy New Year, Mark. 🙂

    • There’s a southern tradition here in the United States of eating pork and blackeyed peas on New Year’s Day for good luck. I never miss a year. But last year, I won’t up in the hospital with minor back surgery. So maybe it doesn’t work so good.

  3. Happy New Year, Sweetie!!!
    I do worry that with the link above you might be discovered by your daughters, and I know you’ve said you weren’t keen on them reading your journals. Be careful out there!
    Anyhow, I used to spend far too much time on Insta, my life feels freer without it. How about Flickr – better quality pics and a little more grown up.

      • Well there you go, if she does follow you on Instagram it won’t take much more then a little curiosity for her to eventually find you here. For example, say I followed you on Insta, and perhaps Dinah and Savvy also follow you… and then your daughter gets curious about your followers….
        My Instagram a/c is linked to my blog, which is linked to your blog.
        Obviously this is my crafty way of getting you to keep posting here on your blog, but I do have a point!

      • You do have an excellent point. I have a friend who works in the dirty movie industry. What if they click on his shizzle? There’s some stuff they definitely don’t need to see although I’m pretty sure they’ve already been exposed to all sorts of horror and mayhem. But they don’t need to see it via their father.

  4. Can’t believe I’m saying this, but I do like Instagram. I still don’t like Facebook, aside from messaging my friends now and then and I loathe Twitter. But sharing pics is fun and easy to keep up with. I slap up a few cat pics here and there and I’m good. Now if I could just get back into blogging. Happy new year to you!

    • What’s wrong with liking Instagram?! It sounds like you harbor a little guilt over it. As long as doesn’t control your world I don’t see what the problem could be. Besides, I like cat pics. Happy new year to you and your family. All good wishes.

    • It’s so new to me that I’m still familiarizing myself with the interface. I have hundreds of photos I want to post but know it’d be overkill to throw them all up at once. It’s exciting. I hope I don’t start to look towards it for validation. That’s social media’s poison.

      • You have to consciously remind yourself to not let it become that. Facebook is the internet’s devil 😈 But I do like that you can find new and interesting people and beautiful photography on Instagram.

    • I’ve taken after you in that I’ve been posting less and less. I think I’m down to once or twice a month, if that. I’m sure Instagram will prove to be another time suck they could distract me from here.

      • Not sure I’m the best example of a blogger, that’s for sure! Well, I hope you stay here and post periodically, your posts are a balm in a self-obsessed world.

  5. I keep thinking that the world will be better off without my photos, which is why I may have posted maybe 10 photos on Facebook in my 10 years on the network.
    So I’m very unlikely to find myself on Instagram, but I’ll do my best to keep popping up here.

      • I’m very glad to hear that Exile! Think what I was going to say has mostly been said above… I don’t do Instagram, largely because my entry into the brave new world of social media kind of began and then stalled in the 2004 version (so… blogs!). So I do hope to still see your cat pics/arts pics etc on here or at least some of them…. also the conundrum about your blog being found by your offspring, I’ve been there, remember worrying about that quite a bit when Frankie was younger… in the event, when he did find it, he took a passing interest for about a few months on and off then.. was soon off into the world of social media 2019 style- where he won’t find me!

        Anyway, er…Happy New Year!

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