Some Advice from the 15th Row

I saw Patrick Stewart in “Macbeth” on Thursday night. I was playing the show over in my head this morning as I was lying in bed and remembered that I saw him last year in “Antony and Cleopatra” while on a trip to London. I enjoyed it, although not nearly as much as “Macbeth.” I like to try and get completely lost in a play. Part of the problem with Capt. Picard’s Marc Antony was, believe it or not, his costume. It included a ridiculous wig and a way too stylish vest/necklace combo. Have a look:


What the hell was he thinking? He looks like the junior high cafeteria lunch lady who served the tater tots. Every time I saw him in that get-up it took me out of the story. The all-time biggest offender of that particular crime was Ian McKellen as “King Lear.” In one climatic scene, he made the choice (that’s actor-speak) to illustrate Lear’s madness by exposing himself to the audience! Seriously! One moment I’m deeply involved in Lear’s mental demise and the next I’m looking at Ian McKennen’s package. What’s up with that?

I saw Professor Xavier play Macbeth and Magneto play King Lear. With any luck, I’ll see Wolverine play Hamlet. Don’t laugh! There are worse Hamlets! Actually, now that I think about it, Kelsey Grammer was crucified by the critics in a vanity production of Hamlet he did on Broadway and he was The Beast! Another X-Men alumni.

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