M-I-C. See You Real Soon

I made the final payment on the trip to Disneyworld. We’re staying in a suite because The Daughters need their own bedroom. If we all stay in one room, Mrs. Wife and I will have to go to bed at 9:00 p.m. along with the kiddies. She and I will be sleeping on a sofa bed in the living room. It’s the most $$$ I’ve ever dropped on a vacation (by many multiples) and I’m sleeping on a sofa bed. Harrumph. Hey! Maybe I’ll find a crap table there! I can teach six-year old Daughter why the prop bets in the center of the table are all sucker bets. Disney sent us a DVD of what our vacation might look like and it seemed like a lot of forced enthusiasm and bad acting to me. My plan is to anesthetize myself with bushels of weed. If I can find some. You got any? That’ll put an entirely different spin on the princess breakfast. I hope I don’t reek too badly. This trip had better be my gold ticket into heaven.

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