At Last, My Right Arm Is Complete Again!

My replacement cell phone jammer finally arrived from Hong Kong. Once again, I control the cell phone frequencies on my commuter train. Mrs. Wife said that my mother- and father-in-law think there’s “something wrong” with me and to not mention it around them again. But don’t all of the best gadgets have a whisper of corruption in some small way? Remember, Goldfinger was just 0:07 seconds away from contaminating all of the gold in Ft. Knox by detonating a thermonuclear device. They said there was “something wrong” with him, too. And what was his sin? He supported an unpopular gadget. Just like my cell phone jammer.

No cell phone for you, you yappy Barbie Doll.

* * *

The title of this post is a line from a movie/play. Can you name it?

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

4 thoughts on “At Last, My Right Arm Is Complete Again!

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