A Letter to England

Dear London: Mrs. Wife and I will be in town from September 11-15. Does anyone know where I can get a pair of tickets to see Piaf at Donmar Warehouse? The entire run is completely sold out. If you have any ideas, please post. Feel free to suggest alternatives. We are big fans of the Gypsy Kings and have already booked tickets to Zorro with Bob and his entourage. Olé!

* * *They are setting up in Bryant Park for fashion week. It’s a pretty big deal out here.

I have ambiguous feelings about clothiers. Fashion is a multi-billion dollar industry that pumps a steady stream of much-needed revenue into New York City coffers. But it makes its money off the vanity and insecurities of (mainly) women. It sends out a terrible message, i.e., wearing a specific label will validate you and repair your self-esteem. Runway shows look like gussied-up teen beauty pageants to me, which I also don’t understand. Modeling should be declassified as a profession and reclassified as a form of child abuse.

5 thoughts on “A Letter to England

  1. give bob a big ol’ wet and sloppy kiss for me! ok… maybe not… his entourage is pretty spectacular! if you get a chance to take the water taxi at night? do it! sheer joy…the fashion “industry” produces cheekbones, ribcages, knobby knee-ed stick-women – and a humongous inadequacy bench for us “average” gals. screw ’em. gently, of course, because they’re kinda fragile…

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