I, Pundit

Have we finally moved beyond Hillary Clinton? She did it to herself, folks. And don’t be mad at Obama. Two years ago she had a double-digit lead against her rivals for the nomination and a gazillion dollar war chest. What happened? She blew it. Her campaign was so poorly managed that not only did she lose the nomination, she burned through all that money and had to dig into her own pocket and is now in debt. Thank God she and Mr. Bill took the high road out.

This election is a gimmie for the Democrats. If the Democrats find a way to blow it (they still might) they should be force to disband and the new political party that rises from its ashes should not have any familiar faces at the helm.

5 thoughts on “I, Pundit

  1. Why is everyone surprised the Clintons chose party unity and the team? It’s who they are.I still prefer Clinton to Obama but I go team Dem no matter what. Why is that a surprise?Just because I am a woman and she is too doesn’t mean we think with our feelings (although I can’t speak for Bill as he seems driven by his emotions).

  2. i can’t get optimistic – the track record for the Dem-machine is dismal. It will either be screwed up – because there is no Dem-equivalent Karl Rove (evil cyborg with flesh colored hair that he is, he’s a fucking genius). That, or the election shall be thieved once again – ohio was the source last time, and no one paid attention to massive fraud… (sigh) just call me in December and let me know how it turns out… can i fast forward? please?

  3. annie: I, too, am a fan of the Clintons but they have massive egos and they could have gone dark on us. Thank heavens they didn’t, but the potential was always there.daisy: Ohio was the source last time and Florida the time before that. A pessimist, and rightfully so! You and I share the same dark vision of the future. Were you raised Catholic, too, by any chance?

  4. The thing is, Hilary was the first woman to complete an entire primary cycle. No woman has ever done that before in this country. Personally, I respect that on principle alone. Totally curious what you think of McCain’s pick of Sarah Palin as the GOP Veep. Desperate grab for female conservative voters? Or the next Dan Quayle? SA

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