Just A Heartbeat Away Pt. 2

I just read a brief bio on Time.com for Sarah Palin, the GOP VP nomination and I have to be perfectly honest and say that, but for her inexperience, she sounds like a solid candidate. Maybe in another 10 years she’ll be ready. What I can’t abide by are the comical names she chose for her children, to wit:


You have GOT to be KIDDING me! If we had had a Bristol in my high school, he would have spent a lot of time stuffed in a locker and Track would have gotten a daily wedgie.

6 thoughts on “Just A Heartbeat Away Pt. 2

  1. I was actually liking her. Well, okay, I do like her. Except for her wanting to impose her religious views on reproductive issues – she isn’t your normal Republican horror.The name thing is not unknown in people who rise from humble roots. It is also, unfortunately something we on the tail end of the baby boom do – and that is we forget that our children our not extensions of ourselves.I admire the fact that she went ahead with her last pregnancy despite knowing her son would be disabled. At 44 pregnancy is hard and that knowledge had to have made it harder. I know I couldn’t have done the same.She was a good pick. If Obama had done something similar I could be happily casting my vote for him instead of just having to do it.I am a tad insulted by McCain’s assumption that women vote for women regardless of values and issues. I am amused though by the whole thing. If McCain wins and doesn’t fuck up too much, Palin is almost sure to be the first woman president. And in Obama wins, we have our first black president. Either way, the racists and sexists must be wondering what the hell is happening to their country.

  2. annie: I concur. While I admire her feistiness and willingness to go after the corrupt Alaskan political establishment, I will never support someone who insists on legislating her theological beliefs. And McCain isn’t, in your words, the typical Republican horror show, but I can’t vote for him, either.

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