I’m fixated on the theft of my credit card. When I think about it, which is often, I get angry. Too angry, really. Mrs. Wife said that we’re not responsible for the post-theft charges so I should just move on and forget about it. You can ask any ex-girlfriend; moving on quickly is not one of my strengths. You lucky readers who have normal, healthy psychological predispositions probably would have forgotten the incident by now.

I found out that there were only two charges made before I was able to pull the plug; $3.79 at Pop Burger and $1,449 at Adrien Linford. Adrien Linford is a luxury goods shop on Madison Avenue and 74th Street. The fact that my credit card was used to buy a $1,449 bauble—probably a Gucci bag or Prada shoelaces—really irks the hell out of me. You have to be brand savvy and, presumably, moneyed to know about Adrien Linford. A shallow, materialistic grub got my credit card. If the thief had charged a case of Similac or a box of Pampers, I probably wouldn’t be so irritated.

* * *

As I was typing this out I had the news on in the background. They just reported that in India, a bomb went off in a flower market killing one and injuring 15. The fatality was a 12 year old boy. They bombed a flower market. Think about that. I really do need to move on.

8 thoughts on “Victim

  1. I don’t know that you can presume that it was a moneyed person who took your card. I am often surprised to see poor folks who wear expensive clothes, drive a flashy car and sport fancy jewelry, but who can’t pay the rent on time or take care of their kids. Misplaced priorities.Sucks either way though and my sympathy goes out to you for your stolen credit card. At least you won’t have to foot the bill.

  2. digital: Do you know what? You are absolutely correct. I stooped to stereotyping. Busted again. sid: Work hard enough, catch some lucky breaks and you’ll be able to buy your own Gucci bag. If that’s your thing. No leads yet but I’ve only just begun my hunt.

  3. My credit card issuer has been pretty good about initiating fraud alerts. Your credit card follows a classic pattern. Try for some small amount for food or gas and, if the credit card “works”, it’s off to some high end store. I think more typically it’s high end electronics.My latest credit card version has the little chip in it and you have to enter a PIN to use it.I can relate to how hard it is to let this go. I’ve been known to obsess over such things – especially things I view as personal violations – for probably much too long.As they say, “Don’t get mad. Get even.”

  4. Just remember “Every Dog has his Day” his turn will come.Let it go…there are far to more important things in life to think about, don’t waist your brain cells on that dirt bag.MT

  5. I hate heaps of shit who steal. Really, really hate it. Even though you get the money back, and you’re covered, it’s still really bloody anoying that someone got away with it. It’s like burglary – they hardly ever catch the person. Where’s the incentive not to become a theif?

  6. rob: Perhaps the inability to let go is a male thing? Something we inherit from our fathers?MT: I can’t let go. Please see above.please don’t eat: It’s too early to discuss but I don’t think he’s going to get away with it. Stay tuned!

  7. perhaps the thief was a recently downsized investor banker on his way home to inform his status climber girlfriend about the coming decline in income and he needed the bauble to seduce her one last time before breaking the news and watching her back her luxury bags and walk out of his life for someone who expects to cash in on the bailout?Or that could just be my imagination.

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