Happy birthday, Mrs. Wife! It’s hard to believe that an old stag like me was able to turn the head of a young gazelle like you.

Fun fact: The age difference between Mrs. Wife and me is EXACTLY THE SAME as the age difference between me and Mrs. Mother-in-Law.

Eww. I know what you’re thinking. Don’t even go there.

* * *

Mrs. Wife had a doctor appointment last Saturday morning at 10:00 o’clock. She claims she told me what the appointment was for but I don’t recall that being the case. I was watching the daughters and received the following text message from her:

Dijkated tajing kjnmmg
hope to be kome soon

Oh, my God! Are they dissecting her brain?! Did she ingest a powerful opiate? It gave me a genuine fright. Later I found out the text should have read:

Dilated. Taking long.
Hope to be home soon.

She was at the optometrist. Her eyes were dilated. Her brain was, and is, fully intact.

4 thoughts on “Holiday

  1. Happy Birthday to Mrs.Wife.My late Mr. Husband was ten years younger than I am. His parents were, fortunately old enough to technically be mine too although MIL’s youngest sis is just a few years older than I am.

  2. Please tell Mrs. Wife to enjoy the weekend! I think you should call your brother-in-law and suggest a weekend away for his wife.

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