Baby Daddy

Mrs. Wife is leaving tomorrow morning for a 3-day weekend. The Mommy Mafia are taking over a beach house on the Jersey shore. They’re having a bachelorette party. I asked her who was getting married and she said, “No one.” I’m taking a vacation day so I can watch The Daughters. Yup. For three solid days it’s just me, 6-Year Old Daughter and 2-Year Old Daughter. It should be interesting. It’ll be like calling a plumber to fix your toothache. Is it wrong to medicate a 2-Year Old for 72 hours? If you have any survival tips, please post.

* * *

I had another one of *those* moments again. This morning, I exited Penn Station on the 34th Street side. I looked down the street and the sun was just about to break over the horizon. The sky spanned from bright orange up to deep cobalt. On the right, against this backdrop, was the unmistakable dark silhouette of the Empire State Building. On the left, the light was just starting to spill onto the façade of Macy’s. My iPod shuffle had selected Time by Pink Floyd and just as my foot came off the curb and touched 7th Avenue, David Gilmour sang:

home again.
I like to be here
when I can.
Juxtapositions like this cannot be manufactured. They only happen organically.


6 thoughts on “Baby Daddy

  1. let them do anything they want… seriously. they’re only young once! you get to be disney dad, they get to indulge in life, and if they’re tired and sugar-buzzed? they’ll sleep like rocks…seriously. don’t ask me. i’m a terrible mother…*****BEAUTIFUL pic/moment! had an odd one like that in the Philly airport first day i traveled with an iPod. Coming down the plank into the termial… crowded, cranky and fast moving travel-people pushing and shoving to get to the next gate. Annie Lennox gave me “Whiter Shade of Pale”… ballet… beauty…

  2. oh my! I had a Pink Floyd “Home, home again” moment when I was about 19 and dabbling in naughty substances.had spent the day at Luna Park (like Coney Island) and for some strange reason they shut everything off at 6.00 pm which seemd to put an end to the acid trip we’d been enjoying.caught the bus home and when we opened the door our flatmate had pink floyd on the turntable (those were the days) and the phrase that was playing was “Home, home again….” suddenly we were both tripping again…..hope there are no teenagers reading this as I no longer advocate the use of drugs but still…. it was such a fantastic memory.

  3. Self medicate, then let the little urchins build lego cities all over you. pictures must be taken and shared on the blog…and i’m with daisyfae… let them run wild, stopping them only when they’re about to put a fork in an electrical outlet. you’ll be the cool dad forever…

  4. Well, whatever you do don’t hit them–unless withering, cutting sarcasm fails to shut them up the first time.You make me miss almost miss Manhattan. Almost!

  5. rob: If you think it’s so much fun, then by all means… daisy: I’m pretty sure your daughter would disagree with your “terrible mother” assessment. Loved the airport story. Again, you can’t compel those moments to happen. They unfold all by themselves. nurse: I’ve imbibed in hallucinogens as well. I wouldn’t recommend it. I have some interesting memories but that stuff is SO powerful. gnu: If these kids get hurt on my watch you won’t see any new blog entries because I’ll be dead.tim: NYC isn’t going anywhere. Come back when you’re ready.

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