Good Morning, America. How Are Ya?

Someone pinch me so I know I’m awake.


Let’s pause a moment to reflect on those two fine stewards of the Republican Party: George Bush and Dick Cheney. Those fellas have left the GOP decimated. Do you know how many post-election Republican Congressmen there are in the Northeast United States? NIL. Zero. Nyet. They’ve all been run out of office, including, unfortunately, the moderates.

I’m a centrist. I don’t like the idea of a one-party system. Bill Clinton had a successful Presidency because after he came into office, he gravitated towards the center and co-opted some planks from the Republican platform. Yesterday, I voted for the Republican candidate for New Jersey Senator because I felt he was a stronger candidate. All that’s left in office for the GOP are the hardcore lunatic fringe—the very people who caused a mass exodus to the Democrats.

Thanks, George. Thanks, Dick. Don’t let the door of history hit you in the ass on your way out of town.

8 thoughts on “Good Morning, America. How Are Ya?

  1. You’re right to have some concern about an unbalanced slate of representatives. We have, at times, lived under a virtual “one party state” here in Canada during my lifetime. It is not always a positive experience when the government can pass essentially any legislation, much of which serves special interests and lobbies.On last night’s results – we’re ecstatic on Obama’s win. However, we’re disappointed to see that the good folks of Minnesota district 6 re-elected that twit Michelle Bachman.

  2. Sarah Palin was all but anointed last night. Shudder. The Republican fringe elements learned nothing from this.I think balance is better in Congress too but what we need is moderates from both sides not zealots.

  3. Hey! On behalf of Minnesota, can I just say that I, too, don’t know what the !@##$% anyone is thinking when they cast a ballot for Michelle Bachmann. She’s an embarrassment. She does have a lot of yahoos in her district, though — a lot of what we refer to as “swamp heifers”. Think drunken, trailer trash types. Don’t let the big houses fool you.Pearl

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