Is Charlize Theron the Dumbest Woman on Earth?

theron_watc_fr-thumb-450x9061How far out of touch with reality can one Hollywood starlet be?

Swiss watchmaker Raymond Weil paid Ms. Theron a reported $20 million to shill be their spokeswoman and wear their watches exclusively.

Here on planet earth, that’s an extraordinary amount of money to do nothing. And by “nothing,” I’m not speaking in metaphor or allegory. All she had to do was pose for some pictures and wear a stupid wristwatch when she went out at night. What could be easier? Well, guess what? She couldn’t do it. She was photographed at a film festival wearing a Dior wristwatch, was sued, and a judge ordered her to give all that money back. A contract is a contract!
What happened? Did she forget? Not care? How arrogant. How dreary.
* * *
I hit a triple on my train home last night. I knocked out three—count ‘em—three cell phone calls at one time when I activated my cell phone jammer. I’ve hit hundreds of singles, a handful of doubles, but this was my first triple.
It never gets old.
* * *
The U.S. Presidents from 1776 to present.


10 thoughts on “Is Charlize Theron the Dumbest Woman on Earth?

  1. Cell phone jammer? Where do I get one of those?I read on /. that the inventor of TV-B-Gone has open sourced it. Need to get one of those two.Like that graphic. Telling, eh?

  2. I really can’t imagine an existence that would allow me to own even one ridiculously expensive wrist watch, let alone two.It must be nice to be so wealthy that being paid such sum to do nothing could be so easily forgotten.

  3. I dislike making such a blanket statement, but this is exactly the reason I can’t stand it when celebrities attempt to give advice and wax poetic to the masses.They are so out of touch with reality in not even funny.Awesome device! Enact a cone of silence around you. Nice picture. I hope we can look forward to more diversity.

  4. annie: Such wealth is beyond my weak imagination. No matter. It took a while but I finally realize that money and shiny baubles can’t buy happiness.daisy: It changed my That’s exactly why I have big belly laughs when I hear Barbara Streisand pontificate.justins: THAT’S A GOOD ONE! Thanks for the laugh.

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