city sidewalks wrapped in holiday cheer

Store windows are a pretty big deal in New York. Designing window displays is an actual profession out here and the penultimate store window display each year is the series of holiday windows at Lord & Taylor on 5th Avenue. People anticipate their unveiling and queue up in line nightly to view them. It’s been a New York holiday tradition for over 80 years.

The Lord & Taylor holiday windows do not display merchandise. They are painstakingly detailed scenes of vintage holidays of yesteryear. There are a lot of moving parts and animatronics. I would describe the color palate used as “violent.” It takes a lot of detailed work by a team of artisans to put these windows together and in this high-tech age, they seem quaint and innocent.

lord+1 lord+1a lord+2 lord+3 lord+4 lord+5

7 thoughts on “city sidewalks wrapped in holiday cheer

  1. yowzers! they don’t do that in the malls of the midwest… used to do something like it in downtown cincinnati when i was a kid… i’d wait in line to see them…

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