hanging bard

This is my favorite ornament on our tree. It’s an effigy of William Shakespeare. To his right is Big Ben. I have a thing for England. Always have. I wish I were there right now…


P.S. Is it:

“I wish I was there right now”


“I wish I were there right now”?

My useless grammar check says either way.

7 thoughts on “hanging bard

  1. if you don’t consider switching to LED tree lights, perhaps you can burn the effigy. LEDs are most efficient, you know…”were” sounds more natural… but i suck at grammar.

  2. Old school purists would insist on the subjunctive ‘were’. (not to imply that nursemyra is either old or pure).Modern usage doesn’t scoff too cruelly at an informal ‘wish I was’.And London is worse today than yesterday … the Strand would suck. But the bookstores and museums nearby would be lovely. Not that I’d know, I’ve refused to leave the house all day. See you in a couple weeks.

  3. I spent four years in Oxford and I really miss it. It took me three years to come to tolerate the place, but by the time I was on my way out I had fallen in love with the place. Britain is perfect at Christmastime.

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