more cell phone jammer shenanigans

I had a live one on the train home. My cell phone jammer was carrying a full charge, so it was causing major disruptions in service when switched on. She didn’t stand a chance, the poor dear. She restarted her Blackberry three times, finally lost her temper and—I’m not making this up—started to bang it against the train window.

“…but I want to talk RIGHT NOW!

Waaaaaa. Where’s my ba-ba? I want my blankee. It was delicious. It was the best one yet. It was better than the guy who held his head near the floor of the train to get better reception.

* * *

Am I the only one on the planet who finds Mozilla Firefox unstable? Am I the freak?

12 thoughts on “more cell phone jammer shenanigans

  1. It really is indicative of the state of things isn’t it? Are cell phones the new “drug” of western civilization? Will the US launch a “war” on cell phones next? Mmmm, probably not. They’re much too “profitable”. I guess the “war” will be left up to jammer equipped militia. I’m running Firefox on XP (I abhor MSIE) but there are so many instabilities, it would be difficult to chalk it strictly up to Firefox. Been thinking about switching browsers again, just don’t know to what yet. Don’t really want to “embrace” Google Chrome. Google’s starting to look like the next Microsoft. Except they’ve already got their hooks much deeper into us.

  2. Huh, I’ve never experienced instability in Firefox, not in the stable releases anyway. But I don’t use any plugins or anything.Google Chrome is not an option yet. It’s in it’s infancy, and if you try to use it for everyday things you’ll soon be frustrated.The geek browser of choice is Opera (well, it’s Firefox, actually, but Opera is next in line). It’s been around forever. Try it.

  3. Daisy: Jamming the cell phone transitions of corporate spoiled babies never gets old. Never.Rob: The way she was acting, you’d think it was life and death. I’m running Vista. Could make the difference? Say what you want about MSIE, it doesn’t freeze up on me.mjp: Will try Opera but will hold you personally responsible for any meltdowns.

  4. Do you have a phone jammer? Awesome! I wonder if they’re legal down here. I’d love one for the bus. We had Firefox problems with one of our laptops but I still don’t know why. It’s usually solid on a Mac.

  5. AFM: I could be wrong but I believe mobile phone blockers are illegal here in the U.S. Don’t know about Oz. Let your conscience be your guide. I did and I sleep like a baby! I was running Firefox on a PC, so perhaps that’s the problem.

  6. i’m just waiting for the report that you jam some techno-dweeb who catches on and looks for the guy giggling behind his newspaper…then the party is ONbut, for now..justice served! thanks…and i like mozilla…

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