16 thoughts on “are you going to put that thing in your mouth?

  1. Yum. But it’s even better the way my dad taught me to make it. Substitute a sourdough english muffin for the bread and grill it.

  2. Janet: The grilling seems to be a reoccurring theme but I don’t see it. Gnu: Drool not! Run to your kitchen immediately!The Elusive Miss P: Where are you from, pray tell? Do you eat vegemite sandwiches, by any chance? Nurse: I think I know what you’re referring to, you little minx.E: A drippy smelly package is racing its way across America as I type this.Sid: We have our obsessions. It’s part of our charm.Heidi: No! No bacon! That’s just crazy.

  3. Actually, I like pb and honey (NO butter!) and I like pb and banana (never had deep fried, like Elvis), but I’ve never tried pb AND banana AND honey.And I don’t think I will.

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