are you going to put that thing in your mouth? Part II

Yesterday I did a short throw-away post about a sandwich I like to have for lunch. (See photo below.) I assumed it was pretty much an Ohio/Midwest thing that would nauseate anyone who wasn’t from that area. (It did!)

In today’s New York Times Dining section, there’s an article about the recent peanut butter contamination scare here in the U.S. In it, they interview a customer at Peanut Butter & Co., a Greenwich Village RESTAURANT whose menu is made up of PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICHES! The customer is quoted as saying:

Even pregnant, she had no qualms about the safety of her grilled peanut butter sandwich layered with honey and bananas. “I think if it wasn’t safe they wouldn’t be selling it,” she said. “Besides, I just really wanted a peanut butter sandwich.”

Hey! That’s MY sandwich! It’s called “The Elvis!” (See menu.) Awesome! I didn’t know it had a name. Yes, Sid, we Americans can’t seem to get enough peanut butter. Don’t fight it.

8 thoughts on “are you going to put that thing in your mouth? Part II

  1. Ok…maybe if it was grilled I’d have some. MAYBE. Or maybe I’d turn around, pick out the bananas and hide them in a nearby garbage can.

  2. The reason folks like Sid (who I assume isn’t from the US) don’t understand the goodness of peanut butter is because, in my own humble experience, peanut butter outside of North America sucks.That’s why we always bring home a few extra jars of Extra Crunch Jif (Skippy if we’re slumming, Kraft if we’re stuck in Canada) back to London with us.Mmmmmm.

  3. the last p-butter/banana sandwich i had was after we hosted an Elvis impersonator in our theater for a fundraiser… got me jonesin’ for some artery hardening goodness…another variant? leave out the honey, add marshmallow fluff and drizzle chocolate on it… oh, yeah… baby…

  4. E: You can’t hide banana slices in a nearby garbage can. That’d be that same as throwing them away, silly!Oh.And THANK YOU for my award! It’s late night here and I am going to pick it up in the morning. That will give me good a reason to get out of bed tomorrow. Bob: Now that you mention it, I remember having sub-quality peanut butter when we visited Mrs. Wife’s parents when they lived in London. It all makes sense. It’s like a fog lifting! Sid, by the way, lives in South Africa. Daisy: Click over to that menu to see a number of variants. Yet another reason to love New York!Rob: The only thing I know about vegemite is that it’s a punch line.

  5. “I think if it wasn’t safe they wouldn’t be selling it,”The fact that this woman is pregnant and thus reproducing really kind of disproves Darwin’s theory of evolution.

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