a final insult

Winter gave the East Coast of the United States its great big final “F.U.!” of the season. Many inches of snow lead to school cancellations, a LOT of shoveling and a trip to a nearby hill to ride sleds.

Do you know how you can tell you’re an adult? Snow isn’t fun anymore. It’s a pain in the ass. I simply cannot understand why anyone would want to go skiing. Supposedly, there’s some really great skiing not too far from here, but the best skiing weather also happens to be the worst driving weather. If you have some disposable income allocated for a vacation, why wouldn’t you go someplace that has turquoise water (instead of frozen)?



13 thoughts on “a final insult

  1. I am with you on the blue water. I would rather have a breeze from the ocean over icicles hanging from my nose any day!MT

  2. One of the few things I miss about Iowa is that March is truly the beginning of spring. By April, snow is a memory. We will get snow here until early April at least. Sometime in mid-May things should be mostly melted and about a month later it will be what passes for warm.Don’t get me wrong. Summer up here is wonderful. The sun is up by 4 and doesn’t set until 11 and it’s usually sunny every day. Rain is an afternoon event with quickly clearing skies, and humidity is almost unheard of. But it is short.

  3. Daisy: I think you’re telling me to shut the fuck up? Well, you ain’t the first one, sister!Annie: Despite my bitchin’ I like the change of seasons. I spent 18 months in Arizona. Nothing but the sun and heat beating you down day after day. It’s not for me.DF: Frozen mountain: No! Frozen margaritas: Si! Rob: You seem like a good guy but I pray you’re wrong.

  4. In NC we receive a rollercoaster of weather throughout the “winter”. From one end of a week to the other, you’ll be able to experience deep frosts where the thermostat barely crosses 40F to clear Carolina blue skies with a delightful 70 degree high. I shit you not. I suppose you could say the average high for a Winter day would fall in the 50s, averaging all the swings from November to March . But this past January had at least a couple of days approach 80 degrees. By the end of the next week everyone was wearing sweaters and complaining about how they are ready for winter to end. WHAT WINTER!?! Stop toying with my emotions Momma (Earth)…..gimme one season at a time that I can legitimately tire of so as to move on and celebrate the arrival of the next!

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