Mary-Louise Gabler

I saw Mary-Louise Parker (my pretend girlfriend) in the Broadway production of Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler.


When it opened a few months ago, the critics were almost unanimous in their disdain so I expected very little. Out loud, everyone says that they don’t listen to the critics—especially New York theater critics. You won’t find a bigger bunch of malcontent failed writers and actors looking to tear down what they themselves could not build. But the truth is that EVERYONE listens to the critics.

I’ll admit that there were a few passages that were…ahhh…what’s the word I’m looking for? Oh, yea. Boring. A few scenes plodded along at too leisurely a pace. But I am pleased to report that, overall, I enjoyed it. Pretend Girlfriend (gawd, she’s cute) was in very fine form in the title role as a bored, depressed newlywed who becomes so despondent over her inability to control the lives of the people around her that she shoots herself in the head at the end of the play. Talk about your desperate housewife!
That fucking Ibsen is a real barrel of laughs, isn’t he? The last time I saw an Ibsen play, Master Builder, I ended up walking out at the intermission—something I had not done in over a decade. I think I’m through with Ibsen. I’ll stick with the Bard and leave the depressed Norwegians for the New York theater intelligencia.

12 thoughts on “Mary-Louise Gabler

  1. i thought she was MY pretend girlfriend? don’t make me come over there and armwrestle you for her…ibsen = massive buzzkill… but i can’t really throw rocks these days…

  2. Is she as stick like as she looks on tv? Because she looks impossibly tiny, which is why I wish I had her body.Cheery material. Shakespeare at least will throw in a few jokes with his depressing fare.

  3. Ahh, I’m fully aware that critics are bitter, twisted individuals…but I absolutely love reading reviews of stuff I’ve watched and read. Google reviews by A.A Gill in the Sunday Times and Charlie Brooker in the Guardian newspapers…such a way with words. I’d marry them both.

  4. Isn’t this the female equivalent of Hamlet? Too bad it wasn’t more enjoyable.At least you could create your own stories in your mind while you watched your pretend girlfriend on the stage.

  5. Daisy : She could be OUR pretend girlfriend, if you know what I mean. Wink-wink.Pop: I’ll bet a show about Hedda Hopper would probably find a bigger audience, as well!Annie: Click on that photo and blow it up. She is almost painfully thin! Just look at those arms! Still…she’s my girlfriend.Jo: I had you pegged for many things, but a polygamist wasn’t one of them!DF: I never thought about the Hamlet angle. It WAS enjoyable! My point is that the critics said it wasn’t and they were completely wrong. I liked it.LKSN: You may love MLP but you’ll have to fight through myself and Daisyfae to get to her. Sorry.

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