more search phrase hijinx

I had to delete one of my entries from January. I posted a rant about the Clique Girls—a 3-girl singing group marketed to the pre-teen set. I felt there was an inappropriate amount of sexuality used to pimp the group. The lead singer is only 12 years old and in the print promos she is always posed provocatively with a come-hither look.

The title of my post was:

“child p*rn courtesy of interscope records”

Since then, I’ve been getting hits from all over the plant by people using “child p*rn” as a search phrase. It made me feel dirty so I took the post down. What the hell is wrong with humanity? How did something like this work its way into the gene pool?

10 thoughts on “more search phrase hijinx

  1. when i went ‘goofin’ with my old girl scout uniform, i did a post. at least once a week i get a search from some perv looking for naughty girl scouts, or worse… makes me want to scream.we’ve evolved our big brains into something that is quite easily broken, apparently.

  2. Daisy: “We’ve?” Consider that this seems to be a male-only sickness. I don’t read of too many 40-year old women who molest 8-year old boys.Pop: That’s very Pollyannaish of you. I’m assuming the worst.Jimmy: I’m with you, pal. They cannot be rehabilitated. Hang ’em.

  3. If you gather a stack of categories and tags after a while, a search combination thereof from totally unrelated posts will cough up your blog sooner or later. I like to list the weirdest ones in my sidebar.I like to hope that the vast majority of those searching for kiddie porn stop there and don’t go after the kids themselves, but this stuff does get produced somewhere, and it must destroy the kids’ lives.

  4. Ian: I do enjoy the odd search phrase hit now and then, but this was disturbing to me so I dumped the post.Jo: The post is not worth renaming. It’s tainted so I dumped it and will be more cautious in the future. Lesson learned.

  5. Weighing in with a “Yep, know what you mean.”I don’t get many search hits, but some of the repeat ones on annie’s blog…really makes you wonder.I concur with Jimmy. Hang the feckers.

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