i love the NEW YORK POST


How do you like them apples?

For sheer venom and shock, you can’t beat the UK tabloid headlines. The U.S. rags can’t hold a candle to the them. But once in a while, our New York Post can deliver a real haymaker.

The above delicious example from yesterday’s paper was in response to the bonuses paid to AIG executives with taxpayer money. The entire populous is up in arms. Bless the New York Post for putting our feelings into one pithy sentence.

12 thoughts on “i love the NEW YORK POST

  1. Just read the Belfast Telegraph – Apparently some of the executives are returning all or part of the bonuses. Can’t believe those f*ckers that the money that is supposed to be used to bail-out the company is being used for their bonuses. That’s fucked up.

  2. “Frankly Scarlett, I don’t give a damn.”I can only imagine what the libertarian (whose blog I no longer read because it upsets me so and makes me rant) will be saying about this.I can understand the displeasure of the populace at these “bonus” payments, but in the context of all the bailout money AIG has received….US$165MM is a pretty paltry percentage. I know it’s the principle of the thing, but is all this uproar going to help? or hurt?Neat headline though.

  3. Ah, I miss the UK tabs. The Daily Mail and especially The Sun. God The Sun was a guilty pleasure.Actually one of the things that sucks about Oz is a lack of decent papers. Our sole city paper is a Murdoch rag, a tabloid masking itself as a serious paper. The only decent paper is out of Melbourne and even that one pales in comparison to The Guardian, The Independent or, my favorite, the New York Times.

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