anniversary + more cell phone jammer shenanigans

Today is the 1st Anniversary of this idiot blog. I envy people who are so emotionally evolved that they never look back and have no regrets. Well, that ain’t me, pallies. I can think of, quite literally, DOZENS of things over the past 12 months that I wish I had done differently. But I am glad I began this blog. So there’s that.

A tip o’ the hat to Bobzyeruncle, me blogfather.

* * *

Best rationale ever from a cell phone jamming victim:

I think those Verizon employees who follow me around must have all died because my phone keeps… hello… HELLO?



10 thoughts on “anniversary + more cell phone jammer shenanigans

  1. congratulations on your blogiversary – and please keep writing. i’m just a li’l hillbilly from ohio and i like seeing your take on the ‘bright lights, big city’. oh, and you make me laugh…

  2. I think March of ’08 must have been a big blog birthing month, because a lot of us have anniversaries this month. Congratulations for making it a year, and here’s to many more years.

  3. Keep writing it is a nice break reading your blog from the normal everyday routine. Actually your blog has become part of my routine. Happy Anniversary!MT

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