11 thoughts on “random nyc pic

  1. K: Depressed trains run all throughout Manhattan. It’s not specific to geography.Myopic: Welcome! I belive that’s the best answer. NYC has many revamped spellings. “Bowery” was once “Bowerie.”Annie: Click on that pic for details of the mosaic. The NY subway system is chocked FULL of beautiful mosaics!

  2. through the miracle of modern pain medication, i now have a terrible earworm. somehow, Sheena Easton’s “Morning Train” is stuck in my brain. the mosaics are lovely. the song? notsomuch…

  3. Nurse H: That’s a very astute observation. Do you hang out with many graphic designers? ;-)Jimmy: Wouldn’t it be great if you walked into the 42nd Street subway station and saw Downtown written out “Doon Toon” in a beautiful mosaic? Nurse M: I’ll try to post more subway mosaic pics, but they frown on taking photos in the subway. Terrorism and whatnot. Daisy: That’s so funny! When I look at his post, I think of Rod Stewart’s “Downtown Train,” which is a much hipper song.

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