My old, cynical new york self

This headline just posted to CNN:

Oprah, Ashton Kutcher mark Twitter ‘turning point’

I think the story is about how popular and socially relevant Twitter has become. I’m not sure. I didn’t bother reading it. The headline was enough.

For me, this headline is the best argument for avoiding Twitter if you’ve never been on it, or canceling your subscription if you have one.

Isn’t that rather dark of me? I mean, what’s the harm, really? Shouldn’t I just lighten up?

7 thoughts on “My old, cynical new york self

  1. No you shouldn’t. Because if you should, I should too and it annoys me to no end. I have twittering colleagues who babble endlessly about their tweeting. Twits.Maybe I should lighten up!

  2. Cat: I opened a Twitter account last year along with my blog. I did it for about two weeks and bailed out. It turns out that not even *I* care what I had for breakfast!Ellie: We can start a lighten-up/bitterness support group.

  3. I’ll joing that group.Regarding Twitter, I don’t think the rot has quite started to set in yet. I wait with eager anticipation though, because I love it when yesterday’s next big thing becomes all passé today.

  4. There were a lot of tweets flying back and forth yesterday about Ashton and Oprah with the consensus being that they are both simply using Twitter as a way to promote themselves and that they have no interest in being part of a community or interacting on anything but a superficial level designed to make them look like “folk” when they are clearly not. I don’t “tweet” with anyone who actually “follows” celebs. That is the realm of the very young mostly – which is not surprising.Mostly writers, editors, and business people are those I interact with. I am surprised by the information I find and that people are willing to share about the businesses they are in.

  5. As i’ve alreayd mentioned on about 10 different blogs today.This is all one of the signs that the end of the world is coming.I’m sure I’ve read that somewhere in Nostradamus’ top 10 things to watch out for before the world explodes.

  6. the fact that two ass nozzles like oprah and ashton make it “relevant” is exactly why twiter , to me, is not relevant.i guess twitter might have it’s relevancy in that “tweeters” can “report” real events in real time as soon as it happens but for the most part it’s used by celebutard egomaiacs who feel the need to share their lives with the world.or by people who imagine themselves writers but can’t be bothered to dedicate the time or effort it takes to illustrate their point so they do it in 140 character or less.twitter is just another stepping stone of a downward spiral towards minimalist communication. big brother is slowly implementing everyone to be trained to receive news stories in 5 seconds or less and not have an attention span for anything more than that.2+2=5!too negative?? hell yeah. it’s that kind of a morning….

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