jersey shore math










A perfect day.
I love the city but the suburbs has its charms.

* My beloved Indians inaugurated the new $1.5 billion Yankee Stadium by scoring 14 runs in the second–the most runs ever scored in a single inning in the 96-year history of the Yankees. Way to open your new park, “Legends.”

10 thoughts on “jersey shore math

  1. Sport can sometimes be akin to sex with a beautiful woman… a bottle of brandy, or even a seeded bun to go with that delicious looking bbq.So much pleasure… so little time.

  2. everything I’ve ever heard of Jersey sounds so dirty and jaded.Nice to know there are still nice idyllic beaches and stuff there.

  3. MT: C’mon down! Just don’t drive here via Philadelphia. Ha.Jimmy: Those steaks were as good as they look. I had one for breakfast the next morning with two fried eggs. Christ, I’m making myself hungry.E: We WANT the country to think that Jersey is dirty. The miles of beautiful, sandy beaches are a closely guarded secret. They’re crowded enough!

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