random nyc pic/the lighter side of unemployment

This is the New York Public Library internet access room with the early evening sun pouring in. I spent many hours here conducting my job search. This is a great place to spend a cold February day if you’re unemployed.


* * *

I got a message from a friend who was recently laid off. He was sitting in a Manhattan coffee shop, reading a Philip K. Dick novel and watching the world pass by. We had a freak 5-day heat wave and all the girls had shelved their winter clothing for lighter fare, so there was plenty to look at. Seeing the female populace change their wardrobe from winter to summer is akin to a chrysalis opening to reveal a beautiful butterfly.

I remember having days like that during my four-month bout of unemployment. If you can calm yourself and not panic, unemployment can be quite enjoyable.

Enjoy it, pal. It won’t last forever.

10 thoughts on “random nyc pic/the lighter side of unemployment

  1. There really is just something about those awesome old style architecture buildings isn’t there? Like they’re alive in some way.Nothing like the sterile modern day boxes.

  2. the first change in my wardrobe? i hate shoes. i go right for the the slip on sandals. even when it’s chilly in the morning, i hates to confine my doggies…

  3. Rob: There’s a architectural jewel around every corner here. Sid: The trick is to stay away from the TV. Mrs. Wife has a friend whose husband was laid off and now watches too many Price Is Right episodes.JB: After what you’ve been through I would think that this is a logical progression.Daisy: That’s funny. The Daughters refuse to wear shoes as well. Maybe it’s a girl thing?

  4. This reminds me of the Graduate Reading room at the Suzzalo Library at my college (University of Washington)I should visit there one of these days just so I can sit and read and people watch.

  5. Dude: “Pet Peeve Saturday” was AWESOME! BTW, it lives on in my reader. As does your (in)famous post on kiddie porn.Cheers!

  6. On unemployment and TV?Oh yeah. Know what that means. I once developed an “addiction” to “General Hospital”. *shudder*That’ll never happen again. Even if I have to hang myself.

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