down home cookin’ down on avenue B

Have you ever bitten into a piece of fried chicken that was so succulent and so bursting with flavor that a tear of joy trickled gently down your cheek? It can happen to YOU here:

mama+2 mama+1

This is Mama’s Food Shop on East 3rd Street and Avenue B in the East Village. I was visiting my old neighborhood the other night and was glad to see it still in business. I remember when it first opened and how happy I was to have decent fried chicken just three blocks away.

[As I walked the familiar streets I noticed many places that I frequented while a resident are now gone. The Pioneer movie theater closed. Like sands through the hourglass…]

This place is sassy. In addition to Mama’s Chicken (fried, baked or roasted), you can load up on Mama’s Bacon-Wrapped Meatloaf or Mama’s Seared Salmon. Each dish is only $11! (One side included. Add a side for just a buck.) They have the best mashed potatoes and mac & cheese on Avenue B. The portions are, shall I say, uniquely American.

Here’s Mama’s logo.


See what I mean? Sassy. Mama’s motto is: “SHUT UP AND EAT IT!” So I did.



11 thoughts on “down home cookin’ down on avenue B

  1. I’m crying. I’m on a serious no cholesterol diet … and I so miss fried chicken! And cheese! God I miss cheese. And eggs. Oh, and butter. God bless Butter. Toast with no butter is boring! And now an end to the self pity.

  2. Nurse: You can lick the monitor!HIF: It’s healthier than you think. It’s broccoli with garlic!Ellie: Sorry to torment you. Seriously, it’s not that good. And cheese? Sucks. Yuck. Daisy: Bacon wrapped meatloaf, aka, a bacon hamburger. Shaped like a loaf.

  3. No, but I have bitten into a nice big piece of fried chicken only to have a gallon of boiling hot oil pour down my chin into places unknown.It’s not as much fun as you’d think.

  4. Mmmmm broccoli and coke. The chicken looks OK. If I ever have enough money to visit you and “The Wife” again, as you call her on here, I am hoping we can visit this place!

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