can’t you read the signs?

Artiste Florenza and I attended the Jenny Holzer exhibit at the Whitney. It was a series of LED sculptures that are visually fetching but can also be headache-inducing if you stay in the gallery too long.

Holzer works with words, words, words and most of them have a political bent to them. I sometimes grow weary when art tries to beat me over the head with a political agenda.

Stick with this video. The Whitney installation starts about :30 seconds in and it’s worth a look. Here’s the link if you can’t see it below.

Here are a few stills.

jh+1 jh+2 jh+3





5 thoughts on “can’t you read the signs?

  1. thanks for the link – i’m obsessed with solid state lighting (LEDs) for technical/ecological and artistic reasons. saw some amazing architectural lighting in Hong Kong on a massive scale. can’t wait til i can build my light wall in the bar in my basement!i’ll skip the messages and just stick to pretty colors…oh, and this was illuminating. *snort*

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