i’m trying to maintain my composure

I thought the long hours at work would abate with the advent of summer but they have not. I just pulled another 13-hour day. I’m full of spit and bile and anger. I work for people stupid enough to do this:

job+folder+1 job+folder+2This is how incoming projects are categorized. When I first saw this I laughed out loud and made a joke about how if everything is a panic then nothing is a panic, but the woman who set up this system got a hurt puppy-dog look on her face.
According to her, Rush is more important because it’s underlined.
This is the place that demands most of my waking hours. This is the place that has taken my daughters away from me. Those rotten fuckers.

12 thoughts on “i’m trying to maintain my composure

  1. but the argument could also be madethat ASAP is more important because it’s written all in CAPITALS!Rush simply has a capital R followed by a bunch of punk ass lower case letters!this is the logic of corporate america.america with a lower case A.

  2. haha I’m glad to know that when i get older people in the job field will be labeling important files as rush and asap.

  3. Silly people. I am not sure when I came to the conclusion that most of what goes on in the grown up world of work is fabricated, but when I did – things changed forever.Hang tough! It’s never easy to be in the know among the clueless.

  4. Part of my internal conflict with remaining in the employ of corporate America (well, a Canuck subsidiary of corporate America) is the fact that I no longer buy into any of these artificial measures. Especially the subjective measures.Part of the problem is that I’ve been burned too much doing something needed ASAP only to have it turn out to be not so. And doubly so rushing something that turns out not to even be needed.You’ve got your priorities right (time with family). The trick is how to make that day job conform to what really matters in life.Work to Live.NOT Live to Work.

  5. Is that real? I don’t believe it!I think your job sucks, but I know you’re lucky to have it. That’s how post-subprime corporate America is going to screw its workers – convince them that they are lucky to be working at all, so shut up and get this done ASAP/RUSH!Bastards.

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