unfortunate movie ad placement in the Asbury Park Press


I showed this to Mrs. Wife and she saw it as a woman about to have her head blown off. I saw something quite different and she accused me of having my mind in the gutter. What did you first see?

* * *

Last week at A Company Called Malice, we were told that until further notice, we are required to work a minimum of 10 hours of overtime each week. This imposition comes right at the onset of summer; the season to be free. That same day, the new unemployment numbers were released. Here in the U.S. we are up to 9.4%. So I’m just going to keep my fucking mouth shut for once and grind it out.

* * *

I watched the Tony Awards last night. Well, part of them. They were so abysmal that I had to bail out. My sister texted me wondering if Broadway has finally hit bottom. I informed her that that’s not possible since Broadway, apparently, has no bottom.

11 thoughts on “unfortunate movie ad placement in the Asbury Park Press

  1. I’m definitely seeing what you vaguely described, lol. That *is* unfortunate. I didn’t watch the Tony Awards, but saw a clip on The View this morning. I thought the Billy Elliot boys unsure of who to thank during their acceptance speech were pretty funny.

  2. i didn’t notice it at first but i can see it now.i unfortunately also see the same subliminal imagery every time i see one of those disney ads of miley cyrus “singing” into a “microphone”say what you will but my wife recently told me she sees the same exact thing!

  3. A Company Called Malice sounds about as nice and caring as my employer. Will they at least let you choose the hours? I’d rather be at work extra early than stay extra late.

  4. crikey. further proof that i’m more male in my thinking… yep. there’s getting your head blown off, and then there’s getting your head blown off.saw the Hair ensemble frolic on stage and in the audience. turned the tv off shortly thereafter.

  5. Sid: Oh, I think you know exactly what I saw.AM: Stick with the YouTube clips. The show stunk.Jimmy: Welcome to the gutter!Jason: Wish you hadn’t said that about Miley. Now, that’s all I’ll see.HIF: As a matter of fact, I CAN choose the hours! Daisy: Welcome to the gutter! Re: the Tonys. You saved yourself three empty hours.Ellie: Welcome to the gutter!

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