anthropodino redux

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about the Ernesto Neto’s anthropodino installation at the Park Avenue Armory. (Post and photos here.)

This past Sunday was the final day of the installation and since works of this magnitude are few and far between I wanted to take a second look. I still fondly recall Christo’s Gates project in Central Park. A lot of people grumbled about it but I thought it was fun.

I wanted the girls to see Neto’s beast. I don’t think they’ll remember it because they’re so young, but I knew it would be a fun afternoon for them.

Here are a few pics that will be of interest primarily to family lurkers.



The Daughters explore the labyrinths. As always, the younger running to catch up to her older sister.


Mrs. Wife relaxes in the “bubble tub” while 3-Year Old Daughter struggles with her footing.


Meanwhile, 7-Year Old Daughter goes for a swim.


Contemplating the canopy.



9 thoughts on “anthropodino redux

  1. Jimmy: Nope. It was a Sunday.Daisy: The bubble tub was fantastic but I wonder how often they wash the balls? Ew.Nicole: Jump off your deck.Jo: And this one accommodated adults!Rob: Amen to that. The hours are lessening, I’m happy to report.AFM: Actually, I’m hoping that photographic evidence jars their memory.Nurse: Thank you!Sid: It WAS fun! A great exhibit. Wish you could have seen it.

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