spooky message in my meat

This is New Jersey:


This is the London broil that I grilled over the weekend:


It’s not up there with seeing Christ’s face in the melted snow of a mountainside or the Virgin Mother in the plaster cracks, but it did give me a start. It was like eating one of my own.

12 thoughts on “spooky message in my meat

  1. Dude, as much as I love a good steak, if it looked like the ‘Garden’ State. I’d have trouble choking it down – I’d be convinced it was full of toxic chemicals and dead mafioso!

  2. Laughing @ A Free Man’s comment!That is simply a huge chunk o’ cow. My colon is knotting up just looking at it.Maybe the message is that NJ will “cook” due to “global warming”?

  3. Look closer my friend at your meat.. no.. the one on the screen.It’s a dead ringer for the country of Ireland.Right about now I could just eat half of Co Kerry with some fried onions and a big dod of soda bread.

  4. Funny you relate your food to your state…When you ask a person from Michigan where they live they never tell you. They just hold thier hand up like a mitten and point to the nearest blood vessel.

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