the unbearable banishment: no friend to the handicapped

I have never—and would never—park in a handicapped spot. I thank jeebus I don’t need one and curse anyone who would do something like that.

But while at A Company Called Malice, Inc., I always use the handicapped stall in the men‘s room. It’s more spacious and usually cleaner.

While in disposed yesterday, I tapped out a few text messages. I like to multi-task. Took my time doing it, too.

I finished up, opened the door and the new compliance officer—the one in the wheel chair—was giving me the evil fish eye. I didn’t hear him wheel in and have no idea how long he’d been waiting. I heard other people walk in and out so he had to sit through that.

* * *

Poor Ed McMahon. Even in death, he’s a second banana.

10 thoughts on “the unbearable banishment: no friend to the handicapped

  1. poor ed’s more like a third wheel! that pedo mj is stealing farrah fawcett’s thunder as well!!!***********bet you used up all the tp too so the wheelchair guy had to roll his ass back down to maintenance to get some more.

  2. Sid: You can imagin how I felt.Jeff: I think that EVERYONE should have a cell phone jammer. They’re so cheap! Why not?Jason: I was particularly sorry that I peed on the seat.Jimmy: I think I was hell bound long before this happened.

  3. When the child was younger, I always used the handicapped stall in the washroom. Always. You can’t manage baby/toddler, often stroller and large bag plus usually shopping bags in those knee-knockers that pass as toilets. I was militant about it. If place didn’t have the foresight to have a family washroom, I used that biggest stall. Everywhere. And only a handful of times did I get the evil eye which I met squarely with my own “don’t eff with me right now” glare.Pissing off the wheelchair guy is going to be bad kharma for you at some future date.

  4. I’m a big fan of handicapped access and respecting their parking spots; but I’m with you … I feel not shame at using the handicapped stall. I sometimes have to wait … they can too. That’s called equality.

  5. This is one of the funniest blogs and comments I’ve seen in a while! You could have always pulled a Larry David if you didnt know him….

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