Daughter in a Maelstrom

On a summer day/evening, the best view in town is from the roof garden of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. You can look over the tree canopy of Central Park to the west, some of the most expensive real estate on the planet along 5th Avenue to the east and the Manhattan skyline to the south. It’s a pretty site.

As if that weren’t enough, every summer, the Met hosts a spectacular sculpture exhibit. Last year is was a set of playful sculptures by Jeff Koons.


I took daughter to the roof for this year’s exhibit, the appropriately named Maelstrom by Roxy Paine. It’s a series of polished metal tree branches that twist and snake over the expanse of the roof.


I wondered what the perception was for someone half my size. I watched her walk around the perimeter of the sculpture and then inside and it really did seem to consume her.


The exhibit runs through late November, so if you’re going to be in town or are just a subway ride away (Jason/Leah) it’s worth the trip. Just don’t go on Friday night. It’s packed with after-work office drones who just want to drink and hook up. Not that there’s anything wrong with that but it tends to spoil the experience. I’m not sure the Friday night crowd cares about the art so much. They seem distracted.

Here’s a very cool video of the installation.

13 thoughts on “Daughter in a Maelstrom

  1. Daisy: It’d beat the hell out of sitting at a desk all day.Leah: I’m surprised! People come from all over the world to see that stuff and all you have to do is hop on the 4 train. Do it for Hedgie. Sid: I like that pic so much I might make it a banner one day.Map: Kids love it as well as adults who are kids.SB: Welcome! I love the Tate Modern. I saw that slide exhibit. Fantastic! I also saw the exhibit with the big white plastic boxes that looked like ice. I heard people were tripping over the crack. How is that possible?!

  2. don’t think i’ve ever been to the roof garden at the metropolitan museum of art. don’t think i was even aware they had one actually! will def keep that in mind. is it open on weekends?? if not i’ll try and remember it for during the week.obnoxious suited up office drones (and the tarted up bar hags they attract/repulse)tend to spoil anything and everything.recently been to the new museum downtown and checked out their new exhibits and roof top view. not as grand a view and no garden to speak of but not bad nonetheless.

  3. Oh, no, I meant I’ve never been to the roof. I’ve been to the Met untold gamillions of times. I guess gamillions doesn’t even come close to being a word. I meant lots.

  4. See…you almost make me wish I lived in the gigantic NYC instead of little Franklin. Believe it or not, one of the best views in Paris is from the top of the Galleries Lafayette department store.

  5. Jason: The roof is only open seasonally so you should stop up before it closes. It’s totally worth it.Leah: I should have know better! Sorry.HIF: The beauty of it is that you can always visit. We’re not going anywhere anytime soon (although this exhibit closes in November).AFM: Living so close by, it would be a sin if I didn’t expose her to this stuff.Jeff: You can get a belt of vodka and take in the art and the view all at the same time. What a town!

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