A happy problem

Let’s say you find yourself in midtown Manhattan with a few hours to kill (as I do). Would you visit the recently opened:

Georgia O’Keeffe Abstraction exhibit at the Whitney;

or the Kandinsky retrospective at the Guggenheim;


or Monet’s Water Lilies at MoMA?


It’s a feast for the eyes. It boggles the mind. It’s an embarrassment of riches. It deserves a whole new clichĂ©.

9 thoughts on “A happy problem

  1. Cat: A year is about enough for most people. After 12-18 months, the cracks start to show.Savannah: We have to have these interior spectaculars(exhibits, theater season, etc.) to distract us from how un-lovely it gets outside.Nurse: I don’t recall a Frank exhibit although they’re showing a Vermeer painting that’s on loan. There’s only 33 of them, you know!

  2. Order of operations:Kandinsky hands down is first. It’s a retrospective for god’s sake and to see that body of work in a home built for paintings of that oeuvre…priceless.O’Keefe.Monet.If Frank is indeed on display, insert between Kandinsky and O’Keefe.

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