The Unbearable mind reading game

I was in Barnes & Noble picking out a few books for The Daughters and came across this end display in the pre-teen literature department. It’s a series of books that tell the story of people who devoted—and in some cases gave—their lives fighting for the rights of the oppressed. They were great humanitarians who were beacons of hope for the poor and the disenfranchised.

In my humble opinion, one of these books was slipped in as a joke. It’s almost shocking in its inclusion. Click on this pic and see if you can figure out which of these books does NOT belong. C’mon! Play along!


13 thoughts on “The Unbearable mind reading game

  1. well duh. Don’t be shocked – some people, make that most people, will do anything for a buck. Truth? Integrity? forget about it…Am I a bitter old woman? Yeah

  2. Uhm, Mother Teresa? Maybe MLK? It couldn’t possibly that fellow prominently displayed in the center, because according to most of my extended family and neighbors, he is now sits at the right hand of God in Heaven.

  3. cummon! trickle-down economics, the aids crisis and the war on drugs?mother teresa looks like an amateur compared to Ronnie’s grand guignol…….

  4. Reagan? Seriously? My crazy roommate back in college made fun of me for voting for Mondale instead of Reagan (my first POTUS election), but I stand by my assessment of the time – the man is one of the worst presidents we ever had.

  5. Well, clearly your readers are an intelligent lot and most of them selected good ole RR.My fondest memories of ole Ronnie were the absolute mockery the good folks in the UK made of him on “Spitting Image”.And, I’m reminded of an old joke (that you’ll only get if you know Canadian politics):Q: What is 14 inches long and hangs between Ronald Reagan’s legs?A: Brian Mulroney’s tie.

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