Another black eye for The Garden State

A short walk from my house is the not-so-mighty Navesink River. It’s a shallow, quiet river that empties into the Atlantic Ocean. Along its banks, you can rent boats and kayaks and go out rowing or crabbing, neither of which I’ve done because I’m not a big outdoorsman. I like rowing on Central Park Lake but that’s about the extent of it. Is there any part of this blog that might lead you to believe I’m an outdoors kind of guy? Quite the opposite. Drinking a cup of coffee that’s gone cold is about as close as I ever get to roughing it. I understand its appeal but it ain’t for me. I work like a dog. I don’t sleep in tents on my time off.

While Sister #2 was visiting, we took a little stroll down to the dock to watch jellyfish float by. There’s a gracefulness as they flow by on the tide. But they also look like great gobs of mucus. Near the boat rental dock is this advertisement:


I’ve been living down there for seven years and never saw the typo! My sister asked, “kray-bing? What the hell is kray-bing” Ha. Upon closer examination, you can see that they tried to fix their error. Let’s hear it for the New Jersey Public School System!


* * *

Wichita Lineman! Glen Campbell! Earworm! Gaaaaaaaa! Help me! How in God’s name did THIS get into my head? And why am I admitting it in a public forum? Do I really have nothing to lose at this point? Take a look at that searing guitar solo. If you can make it that far.

11 thoughts on “Another black eye for The Garden State

  1. oh, the humanity…. THE HUMANITEEEEEE! That hair…. aaaaaaaagh…(guilty pleasure alert: glen campbell was an absolutely off-the-charts fabulous guitarist, if you like the fingerstyle, ‘chicken-picken’ stuff — think chet atkins)

  2. The spelling edit is absolutely marvelous.But I admit, I just cannot listen to “Wichita Lineman” for if I do, it will, as you rightly suggest, be in my head for a month. It’s not that I don’t like the song–I actually love it–but it is one of the most tenacious earworms on the planet.Have you heard the REM version?

  3. Daisy: Actually, that’s true! Search on YouTube for the vid of him playing Mason Williams’ Classical Gas. He throws in a few extra notes that aren’t in the original. It’s a soft touch.Leah: Yes, I’ve heard REM’s version. Do you know what? I don’t like it. They make the song sound boring. Which begs the question: Is it?

  4. I always think of that wee hottie out of the comedy ‘King of Queens’ when I hear a Joi-sey accent. I’m a fine one to talk though, especially with the Glesga abbreviations / deviations for bastardising the English language.

  5. hey, take heart…maybe the guy who painted the sign is from New York and not Jersey… you can always hope. (and little known [and maybe interesting only to me] fact…the guy who owns the rights to ‘Classical Gas’ [which you mentioned in your reply to DF] lives about 10 miles from me–an excellent guitarist in his own right)

  6. Typos are one thing, even if made out of simple ignorance (or stupidity – like writing “your” when you mean “you’re” or mistaking “personal” for “personnel”), but it’s the deliberate ones that chap my ass.I ranted one time about those construction signs. How are kids supposed to learn how to spell properly when they’re subject to signs that say things like “Slow Down! Give highway workers a brake!” See neat play on “brake” for “break”, eh? Doesn’t fucking matter.You know, for a long time I couldn’t figure out what all those businesses with names starting with “EZ” were trying to say. Because I grew up in Canada. Where we pronounce the “Z” letter as “ZED”.E-ZED PAWN and E-ZED CREDIT just didn’t make sense to me.And I once owned a Camaro ZED-28. When Hot Rod magazine put the ’80 model on a cover with the caption “Still Z one”, I read “Still Zed one?” WTF?Okay. Gotta go.Cheers!

  7. My drummer decided to get a tattoo of Animal from the muppets on his back with the name of our band (The Mad Hatters) underneath.The tattoo artist left out one of the ‘t’s!He had a major freak-out!Got it fixed since, but it kept us laughin’ for weeks!:¬)WV = ‘comies’

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