The New York Post’s sensitive handling of the Tiger Woods affair

Here’s the front page from yesterday’s New York Post:


People, if you don’t have a muckraking, bottom-feeding, Rupert Murdoch-owned tabloid in your town, you don’t know what you’re missing. You take one trashy story, some cheap Photoshop effects and the next thing you know, you have journalistic gold.

Tiger Woods is in the middle of a major life crisis and what does the Post do? They mark up a photo. It’s juvenile. I approve!

I especially like how they inserted a 5-iron, her weapon of choice, into his wife’s hand. There’s something perverse about it. Hitting Tiger with a golf club is like Bruce Springsteen’s wife hitting him in the nuts with a guitar or Stephen King’s wife smashing a typewriter over his head. Tee-hee.


9 thoughts on “The New York Post’s sensitive handling of the Tiger Woods affair

  1. Do you think they were trying for an “American Gothic” parody? Didn’t quite work, did it? (gold star for excellent use of apostrophes, btw)

  2. Mad: Aren’t you one of Sid’s partners in crime? Welcome! The words “New York Post” and “Pulitzer” are never used in the same sentence.Bob: I had help. Nurse: Wedge. Iron. Whichever. She achieved the end result she was looking for. Today, it says they’re “renegotiating” the pre-nup. Now THAT’S a beating!

  3. I saw another version of the photo that had a golf ball stuck in his hear. But I must say that I’m really disappointed in him…I love to watch him play golf–he does some amazing things. I won’t be quite as happy watching him win in the future.

  4. i need to start my own tabloid in my mid-sized town. this would be more fun than calling into the “speak up” line for the editorial page at our existing newspaper and using bad grammar…

  5. HIF: I’m sorry you’re feelings about Tiger have been compromised but at the end of the day, these guys are all human except with better PR management.Jimmy: Metaphor city.Daisy: If you don’t already have one I can assure you there’s an audience and a need for it.

  6. i’m getting pretty tired of reading about celebs, so whenever someone can add the ‘strange and obtuse’ to the writing style, it makes it fun again! but, always, taken with a grain of salt and the tongue embedded firmly in the cheek.

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